San Miguel de Meruelo

Camino del Norte


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The alternative routes from Laredo all merge here. Most services are along the main road where there are also misleadings signs to the curiously niche Museo de la Campana (bell museum). The museum exists but is in the next town over.


If you need any of the shops in town, stay on the main road when you reach the town. All of the services are located at the start of town along this road, which you can follow to the end of town and resume the official camino.


San Mamés is celebrated on the 7th of August.

The Road:

The camino passes through San Miguel on a small country road at the upper side of town. It passes the church before descending back to the CA-454 which it follows a short distance before turning left downhill at the end of town. From here it descends to the bottom of the valley, where the albergue is located, and then climbs back up to the road in Bareyo.

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Accommodation in San Miguel de Meruelo