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The city has two centers which are separated by a smattering of urban development. The only buildings in town of any historical merit are the Iglesia de El Salvador and the Palacio de Peredo.


Viveda was founded by King Alfonso I of Asturias to be a stop along the old Roman road and the Camino de Santiago. The Iglesia de El Salvador began construction as early as 878, making it almost a full century older than the one in Santillana del Mar.

The Road:

Once over the bridge into Viveda keep to the right at the first roundabout, heading uphill. A short distance later it turns left onto the CA-340 in the direction of Camplengo. This new route is well marked and almost entirely along the road, leading you directly to the Plaza de las Arenas and the Colegiata in Santillana del Mar.

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