SPLIT: Scenic Route or Road Route

Camino Francés


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When you get to the Basilica de la Virgen del Camino you will cross the busy road and continue on a small access road. In 300m you are presented with the choice between two routes. The painting of yellow arrows here is confusing, and there is zero official signage to indicate your options. Distances are indicated from La Virgen del Camino to Puente de Órbigo where they converge.


This variation is called the Scenic Route, and it adds < 3km to your journey. It is considerably more pleasant and there are now plenty of services and albergues along the way. To follow this route turn left onto a dirt track.

‌The ROAD ROUTE - 24.6 KM

The official camino route is often called the Road Route due to its proximity to the road. It is the shorter of the two and offers little to no peace from the traffic. To take this route continue straight.

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