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Sadly, El Pedregal no longer offers any services to passing pilgrims. The church in town, that of Justo y Pastor, dates from the 16th century. When the camino turns right to leave the road it passes two important camino landmarks. The first is El Humilladero, a stone cross that was installed in the early 18th century to mark the camino. The large estate with a rectangular tower that sits on the site behind the cross is the 16th century Casa de la Torre o del Hospital, which served as a pilgrim hospital.

The Road:

Approximately 3.5km beyond Pedregal, the camino nears but does not enter the village of Santa Eulalia de Tineo. Turn sharply right when the camino meets the road at this point.

To reach the municipal albergue in Tineo: from the Capilla de San Roque at the park before town, follow the road and turn left at the first fork (towards the pool). Follow this to the first intersection and turn to the left sharply and downhill. The municipal albergue is the second building.

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