San Romao da Retorta

Camino Primitivo


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The bar in San Román is open daily from 11am. Nice and helpful, they keep tabs on the bed availability in the two albergues up the trail; which are often listed as being in San Román.

The Road:

Things tend to get a bit tricky here if you are not fully aware. San Román sits at the intersection of two country roads, and from here the camino goes off in two different directions, or at least it did until last year. This means that old arrows may still exist which would take you to Palas de Rei on the Camino Francés rather than to Melide.

From the bar in San Román head west (turn right when leaving the bar). When you emerge on the road some 70m later, cross the road and take the path opposite you. The albergues are a short distance onward.

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