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The guide you get from the Tourist Office in Burgos indicates that there is a bar/restaurante and a Casa Rural here. They are all closed down, and it looks permanent.

The Road:

Pay attention: As you enter town along the via verde, the camino leaves the path for the road. Almost immediately it turns right (see image), and here the signs are difficult to notice. If you miss it and have gone too far down the road, follow the road directions below.

Road Directions: Just follow the asphalt road. There are some ups and downs, but nothing difficult. 2 kms after Emparedada you come to an unmarked T crossing. Turn right. After 300 more m. another crossing, marked Modubar de la Cuesta/Los Ausines. Follow the sign and turn right. You are still on asphalt, but the traffic is insignificant. After a while you arrive at a church shorthly after the top. Leave the road and pass the church, walking down to the village. At the bottom, you will find a friendly bar with real beer from the tap, and food.

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