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Meals available at a bar a bit further along the main road. Buses to Santiago from Ourense stop here.

At the albergue in A Laxe, the Camiño de Inverno joins the Camino Sanabrés. From here the Camino is well marked and well trodden to Santiago. The following towns and distances will give you all you need to plan your remaining days. The most obvious stages are from A Laxe to the albergue in Outeiro (34 km) and from there to Santiago (17 km, allowing for plenty of time to get to the pilgrims’ mass).

The Road:

Shortly after leaving A Laxe, you will pass the Pazo de Bendoiro, a restored manor house with its spa treatments and swimming pool.  Beautiful but pricey, single room with breakfast reported 63 € in 2019.

The camino takes you into the woods and ascends to a lovely old bridge, originally Roman but with much rebuilding.  The bridge is hidden in the forest and inaccessible to cars. A bit further on, the Romanesque church at Taboada has a carving of Samson over the doorway.  You have to cross the busy highway to get there, but it is worth it, just a stone’s throw from the Camino. Volunteers keep the church open for pilgrim visits; 8:30h -15;10h, closed Tuesday.

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Accommodation in A Laxe