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The old part of town is an ancient knot of confusion but somehow it is impossible to get too lost. Every other building seems to have a legacy as a bakery (a few remain) and there are a few hórreos still standing.


There are about 17 bakeries in this small village, and the locals tell of a time when there were closer to 50! They all produce the same Pan de Cea, the only bread in Galicia which is protected and monitored for quality in the same way that wines have a D.O. By definition, all of the loaves meet strict requirements for weight and production. Every aspect is strictly governed; from the stone ground flour and water source to the kneading method, and even the types of wood that can heat the oven. Every one of the over 300.000 loaves that are baked annually weighs the same, have the same shape and color, and make the same divine crunching sound when they are ‘opened’. 

The Road:

The camino crosses the main road and heads uphill towards a sporting facility. Around the back side of the building, the camino once again splits into two distinct routes. Here the choice is a bit more complicated than the previous option. The two options merge in Castro-Dozón.

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Accommodation in Cea

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