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Oseira is hard to miss for the looming and massive Monasterio de Santa María de Oseira. It is well worth a visit. Built in the 12th century it was originally a Cistercian order of French monks. They stayed a surprisingly long time but like nearly every other religious order they were turned out by the Royal Order of Ecclesiastical Exclaustration of 1835. It took nearly a century to pass before the Monastery was again occupied, this time (and still) by Trappists (Cistercians of the Strict Reform).

The Road:

The way out of Oseira is not along the road (though cyclists may prefer it for the more gentle grade) but rather up a steep track adjacent to the road with the restaurants.

It passes the hamlets of Vilarello (2km), O Outeiro (2.5k), Carballediña (1.5km), and A Gouxa (bar) (0.4km) before nearing the motorway and Castro-Dozón.

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