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The albergue Van Gogh is run by volunteers who promote the Vía de la Plata and their rooftop terrace is the perfect place to wrap up an evening of exploring the old town. 

The Museo Santa Clara (adjacent to the convent) is donativo and has a fine collection of medieval artifacts and art. 

To the north of the museum, in the heart of the old town, are the humorously named Plazas Grande and Chica. Neither are magnificent, but both are lined with tables and chairs for a late afternoon refreshment.


A whopping 221 of Zafra’s inhabitants joined Hernando de Soto on his journey to the New World in 1539. 

The Road:

The camino through Zafra crosses most of the important landmarks. It enters town near the train station (if you arrived by train, leave the station and turn right) and follows the boulevard straight towards the Plaza España and the large Parque de la Paz. It turns left at the Plaza (before the Parador/Castle) and crosses it diagonally, and on the far end it turns right onto Calle Sevilla (a pedestrian road). From here it passes through the Plaza Grande and makes a right hand turn onto Calle del Conde de la Corte. It will pass through one small triangularly shaped plaza and then exit the old part of town onto the Calle López Asme. From here turn left (the Convento Albergue is ahead on your right) and then right at the Convento Albergue. From here it is straight to and across a roundabout on the N-432. After passing to the left of a housing development the camino returns to the countryside.

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Accommodation in Zafra