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This forum was created in 2004 and has helped thousands of pilgrims prepare for their trip to Spain and the walk to Santiago.
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Free Camino PDF Guides

Hundreds of Camino Resources

Since 2004 we have accumulated hundreds of Camino Resources created and shared by pilgrims. This can be GPX tracks, PDF Guides or just packing lists. As a member (free) you can download these for free in the Camino Resource Section of the forum.

Camino Photos

Thousands of Photos from the Camino

Over the years, pilgrims have uploaded their photos from their walks. Browse the various Camino in photos to get a feel for the experience. See the Camino Photos section here.

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  • Help you decide what camino is best for you
  • Get to know pilgrims before you leave
  • Keep in touch with other pilgrims once home
  • Plan your next walk...

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This site is run by me

Ivar Rekve

Ivar Rekve

Norwegian, lived in Santiago de Compostela since 2004 when I also started this website.