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    Ivar, for some reason the delete button has been removed. Can you remove this account asap please? Many thanks.
    Porto accomodations? Hello all. I will be solo walking the Portuguese central route commencing in Porto in mid-March. Although I will be staying in albergues along the way I'd like to stay in a modestly priced private room in central Porto for two nights before I start walking. Any recommendations?
    Rua de Belomonte 13
    4050-097 Porto, Portugal

    (+351) 222 011 977

    Good Breakfast and centrally located. Close to Cathedral & "yellow arrows".
    xin loi
    xin loi
    Be advised that Porto is a "Party town" on weekends. Started there two years ago and just showed up in Porto on a Friday evening and had a hard time finding a place to stay as EVERY place seemed to be full of young people in town for the weekend. I never make reservations while on a Camino but that time I should have.
    I have just finished reading Rebekah’s book which I have enjoyed hugely. I would like to start a new thread saying this such that maybe others who have read the book come foreward. Would that be considered advertising? Advertisements are against forum rules, I think. And anyway I do not know how to start a thread. Help!!!
    Hi, in August 2018, I had a conversation with a fellow Australian outside the railway station at Bayonne regarding socks. Forgotten the name of the socks. Just wondering if the gentleman recalls the conversation. He was on his way to del Norte and we were starting the Camino Frances. Would love to find out the name of the socks. Thanks.
    Want to walk Francés next year Sept and Oct. I'm female and will be 73. I'm fit but I'll need to stay in alberques, etc. Are lots still open then? A friend is considering joining me Nov 22 - 28. If so, I'd need to go the last 2 weeks of Oct and most of Nov with us walking together the last week. How daunting is the weather then? I read high temps in the 50's F and lows near freezing with lots of rain and snow.
    Does anyone know of a baggage transport service that takes backpacks from Pontevedra on the spiritual variante to Armenteira? Need assistance ASAP. Sincerest thanks! Tui Transport is a no go on the variente!☹
    Caminofacil covers this route I understand
    I am thinking about walking one of the caminos in the spring or summer time - as a starter - it will be my first - can anyone recomend me a route which goes in aeras of free nature and small pueblos, and as few towns and highways as possible?
    I am grateful for any advice.
    I’m looking at canoeing some csections of the Celie variant. I read about a service called passion adventures that drops in espallion and you can canoe to marcilihac? Anyone done this???
    Hi. I am planing my trip by bike. Does buses take bikes on the board as well ? And do I have to disassemble it before trip. I am trying to plan my way back from Fisterra to Santander and I have no idea what is the best way to travel. I am traveling on my own with a bicycle.
    Hei Ivar. Stemmer det at det ikke er et eget forum for Camino Sur, Huelva - Zafra? Jeg har lagt innlegget mitt med informasjon fra vårens vandring på Via de la Plata. Er det det som blir det nærmeste?
    Hi Ivar. Is it possible to send ahead a small package to santiago for collection? If so can you advise how best to do this and if there is a cost? Thank you
    Thank you. Will post tomorrow. Just a small package. From Robin Curwen-Walker .
    Ivar i sent 2 packages to you. 1 on 29th April from Orio & today from san Vicente de la barquera. I didnt put my email on the package. It is robincw@netspace.net.au. i expect to arrive in Santiago around the 4-5th June. My phone number is +34 6328 19268. Many thanks in anticipation Ivar. Robin Curwen-Walker
    Hi Ivar-- My older son is meeting me in Burgos carrying two backpacks on the 11th. We will be arriving in Santiago either Good Friday or the Saturday before Easter, and flying out on Easter Sunday. (We're only walking till Leon this time.) Can we ship one of his packs to you? Are you open for us to pick it up that week-end? Do we just find a post office? Thanks--
    I will send you a PM... :)
    Hello Ivar,

    May I change my user name?
    Yes, what would you like it to be? It can not be already in use..
    Hello Ivar,

    Thank you for your response.

    How about: Deborah53
    Good day All!
    What would you favorite Camino Frances guide app for iPhone7, and what is your favorite paper version?
    Any suggestions for a good battery pack?
    All answers will be much appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!
    Hi Ivar
    So I started a thread today asking how to get to SJPdP from Philadelphia. Of course I missed the existing thread (Getting to SJPDP from the US) that was started by patticake5 about a month ago.
    Perhaps you can combine them (i.e. incorporate mine into hers)?
    Hi Ivar; I’m just wondering why I can no longer see where people who post are from? I always find it fascinating.
    My name is Matthew and I'm looking for 11cmx11cm conch shell ceramic tiles. Not the magnets, the tiles. I'm looking to purchase, like 100, maybe 200 of them. So far the suggestions on the forums are a dead end. Is there a way to purchase directly from someone in Spain and ship them to the USA?
    I've tried twice to delete my account, but cannot find the "delete" option. I have used the link you provided, Ivar, in a thread about how to delete one's account, but the option simply isn't there. It's isn't even that it's not showing up on my screen for some formatting reason. I have used the "FIND" feature in my browser and "delete" is not found. Can you please, please delete my account? I keep receiving emails
    I have installed the Casa Ivar App again and it still will not work. Latest updates and Android 8.0.0 version.
    states "oops, we ran into some problems- requested page cannot be found.
    Or is it discontinued and yet still on Google play ?
    Greetings Ivar,I did the 20 euro donation here a few days ago,however ad's keep appearing on my page,can this be corrected?
    Dear Ivar,

    Recently I have journeyed from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. Besides personal interest to walk the Camino, I also walked for research purposes. I wish to interview people who walked one of the Portuguese routes about their experiences. Can I have permission to place a request to interview on the forum?

    With kind regards,

    Good afternoon Ivar, Im just starting to plan to do the French walk to Santiago with my wife in April 2020 and I would like to stay in Hotels instead of Hostels etc. My question is: are there hotels across the entire French walk-in so, how do I get a list of Hotels?
    Thanking you in advance, Carlos
    I need to send some items to Santiago from Burgos and have them stored in Santiago for two weeks. I need suggestions as to the best way to accomplish this.
    Buenos dias / Bom dia, Ivar:

    I appreciate the nice website and camino forums you provide. They are very useful.

    My question pertains to the small green corner that sporadically appears and disappears from the upper left corner of various users' icons.

    Most icons do not have one but my icon has had one continuously for about two to three weeks. What does that signify? Am I on a watch list? If yes, why?
    Thank you Ivar. Now I understand. You have a very good, well organized, and pleasing website.
    Hi Ivar,
    I am curious to know how members of this forum are classified. "Donating Member" is obvious, but what distinguishes "member" from "active member"? Does it mean activity in the number of postings, or actual pilgrim activity ? And at what point is one considered to be "active" ?

    My questions seem to have been overlooked.
    Good afternoon Ivar,

    I'm contacting you with a request to change my username on the Forum, please. I like the one I have, but I figure that as I am "more of a "public figure" now given my role at Eunate and as a guide on the Camino, I should use my real name so that people can find me a little more easily. If you would, I'd like to change it to CJ Williams. Thanks very much for your help. Kind regards.
    Morning Ivar,
    I am walking the camino in the hight of summer,July nad August,what is the heat going to be like,i go to the costa del sol quite a lot in summer so I know its hot, but is it as hot as it is on the del sol?
    It might be... depends what camino you are walking as well
    Hi Ivar. Please change it to "Hiking Partner". Our group planning to hike 2019 received "hikers names". Thank you very much
    Hiking Partner it is..
    Good day Ivar. I would like to change my username. Could you please assist. Thank you
    What would you like it to be? (it can not already be in use)
    Tickets purchased and Orisson reservation confirmed. This will be my second French Camino, the first time the Napolean route was closed (March 2016) Hiking May 3, 2018, and keeping fingers crossed. Anyone else planning on doing the Camino this May?
    I met so many wonderful people on the Camino and continue to stay in close touch with them. I hope that I will have a chance again to meet you in Santiago.
    Buen Camino
    Hi Ivar... I just sent 60 euros and wanted to help you keep your formum going. In September and October of 2014 We met in your office in Santiago and you spoke of your plans for this formum and is it exciting to see them unfold so well!! I plan to do another Camino in the next year. I
    Help. I cannot post when I have a question. Have tried four or five times since 7 Sept, about when I joined. Nor can I download camino PDFs from my iPhone6. Clearly I doing something very wrong. Could you help? Gracias. Nancy Drew
    My charity is called Camino4Cancer. I'll walk Le Puy for the charity. I have terminal cancer and will walk pilgrimages around the world as long as I can to raise funds to help people suffering from cancer. Can we spread the word about my charity through you? It doesn't benefit me financially in any way and does not support my caminos. Any way to spread the word for this cause to other pilgrims would help.
    I am looking for a hotel in Bayonne France. I stayed there 5 years ago and it was directly across the street from the train station. Can't remember the name. Can you help? Name and contact info would be great.
    Hello Ivar,
    Thank you for this forum. I am a praying-to-be pilgrim, and signed up in excited haste awhile back, using a name I now really don’t like: pilgrim warrior... or was it warrior pilgrim?
    In any case, could you puleeze change it to “pilgrim gurl”???
    Muchos gracias (yes, I’ve started to learn Spanish!),
    Jo Anne
    Done! :)
    Hola Ivar -am back on the forum as starting the Norte in June .Will do 3/4 weeks walking .Too hot then ? So looking forward to being back in Spain and walking .
    How is your baby ,now walking I guess
    from Samba Australiana
    I can't login in
    this email is only possible because I have an auto login at work -yup I peruse on my lunch hour ;-)
    but on computers at home (and my iphone that did an upgrade) , I can't login in with what WAS my password etc
    Will send you an e-mail..
    Hello, Ivar! Are you familiar with SendMyBag services? We are hoping to ship our suitcases from our current location (Copenhagen) directly to the Casa Ivar. Have you received bags via SMB from other pilgrims? Would you recommend their service? We are looking forward to our journey beginning May 1st. Thank you!
    We are ready for our Camino! End of May/June . We made our reservations and thanks to all the wonderful information on this forum we are confident that we will be just fine! Looking forward to meeting so many wonderful people and contributing to the Camino Family.
    Hello. Walking second camino from Lisbon. meeting wife and daughter there at the end. Provisionally booked 3 nights them into Hotel Pazo de Altamira, near the market. Is this a good area? Brother has booke dinto Hotel Arco de Mazarelos (Transito de los Gramticos). Is this a better area? Any guidance much appreciated. Thanks Tony
    Both good places... 300 meters apart, you should be fine both of you :) Buen camino!
    Ivar. can you also recommend any restaurants near to Hotel Pazo de Altamira near the market?
    Hi! I have a question. My sister and I walked the Camino in June 2014. We are now working on a project about our pilgrimage. We will be looking for stories from our fellow pilgrims. Is there an appropriate Forum where we can post this without breaking the rules?
    Dear Ivar,
    If possible, pleases correct my birthday in my details. It is 27th of August 1964, not 8th.
    Thank you in advance,
    Hi Ivar,
    I posted a new thread yesterday called 'Can you replace a souvenir from Santiago for my mum in Australia?' Someone commented and suggested I reach out to you. Can you see my post and let me know if you're able to assist please.
    Many thanks.
    Ivar, I can't post anything! Not even in PM mode. Not sure what is happening. On every thread I get the bar that appears when moderating a thread, even when I have not chosen to moderate the thread. But I can't do anything with it - when I try it comes up with an error message.
    Sorry! This was my fault, I was fine tuning the server trying to make pages load faster... I have reverted now, I think it works now.. does it work for you?
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    Hello Ivar, can I change the name I use on the forum? Simon
    Yes, e-mail me (ivar@casaivar.com) and I can make the change. Please let me know what you would like you new username to be. It can not be already taken.
    hi ivar,
    don't know if its your thing, but having a mobile friendly way to download .pdf's would be helpful
    currently I can't download any of the wonderful resources , my android phone won't do it.
    I have downloaded pdf's before ok. cheers
    hmm... I have an android phone laying around, will try and see why this might be.. thanks for letting me know.
    Me again... it opens fine on my android... do you have any ad blocker installed? that would be the only think I can think of..
    hi , its not an adblocker, don't have one on the phone itself.
    Dunno its odd - prolly an option to open the webpage on a mobile device would help.
    At any rate I am able to manually transfer the files between Windows and Smartphone .. so I'll be ok
    Thanks for help
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    Hello everyone. Will be starting my Camino from SJPP in two weeks and wondering if there is any information regarding the condition of the route over the mountains into Roncesvalles.
    Thanks in advance.
    Ivar, I don't know how to post a quick question about a conversation - I wanted to print out a thread so that I could take it with me and look at maps, etc. Is there a wya to do that? Ooops, adding a thank you!
    Hi Ivar, I'm trying to post a Camino webinar to the Resources section, but I don't see any "Start a new thread" or similar button. Please help. :)
    Fantastisk Ivar men vet ikke hvordan lage en pdf. Den er skrevet på MS Word. Kunne jeg sende den til deg? Bare email meg på kfobrien@online.no
    Hi Ivar, nå har jeg nettopp kommet hjem fra Granada. Jeg gikk fra Almeria til Granada med start den 21/9 og ankomst den 29/9 Nå har jeg skrevet opp alt sammen fordi der et ganske store differanser mellom det som står i beskrivelsene og kartene og selve merkingen på Camino'en. Js. Best. Kevin O'Brien (kfobrien@online.no)
    hi ivar starting camino on 02october from ambasmestas to Santiago ,will arrive in Santiago on 01october ,will need a few supplies in Santiago sleeping , bag wetgear , etc for trip is there any outdoor shops in the city saw this place Tienda Ropa Deportiva Sport Zone Santiago but it seems a bit outside city maybe accessible by bus ,,thanks james
    Hello, Ivar. Fiance and I have come upon a bit of a dilemma and were hoping you could offer some advice. We are planning to walk the Camino starting on August 21st and will arrive at SDC on September 17th. Plan was to get married in Santiago after finishing but have found out Corticela will be closed when we arrive. Would you happen to have info on where we could possibly get married in Santiago/Finisterre? Thank you
    Hello Ivar, just checking in. I noticed my designation of donating member has disappeared. I wonder why, since I send a donation when I ordered the patch and the credential. Maybe just an oversight, you are very busy. Leaving July 1 back to the Camino. See you in Santiago at some point!
    Hello Ivar

    I absolutely love the forum. I am very excited, looking forward to my Camino and express this within the forum. Are you going to add more smiley face icons. I would love to see a laughing face up there somewhere. Also i wouldn't have to use LOL (i hate that) to express that im laughing as opposed to agreeing with a comment.

    Go raibh maith agat Ivor
    Hello there Ivar. I was trying to ask a question on the "Frequently asked questions" section and it says that i have insufficient privileges. What do i do to get the privileges needed to solve this? Thank you.
    Good Afternoon Ivar, I have donated 10 Euros, but my receipt says that I have been billed 100 Euros. Would you please check this for me. Thank you, Dave Correa
    Hey, Ivar.
    Is it possible to obtain a forum badge in Santiago Today or Tomorrow before the 5 pm? I want to grab 2 before I'll leave Santiago. Best regards, Peter
    Hi Ivar, I have forgotten my password and am wondering if there is a a way to retrieve it from the system? I am lucky that I left my account open in my iPad, otherwise I wouldn't know how to contact you.
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