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  1. Adhemar78

    Camino Podcast Episode 38 - The Kumano Kodo

    Did this last year - great little walk. I’ll definitely give this a listen!
  2. Adhemar78

    Camino Podcast Episode 37 - Phil Cousineau's Art of Pilgrimage

    Oh I’ll definitely give this a listen - I read this book when I was preparing to do the Camino Frances five years ago and it really brought together a lot of thoughts I’d had floating around in my mind about why I was doing it. Very thought provoking stuff.
  3. Adhemar78

    I have 25 walking days. Do I have time to start in Lisbon if I am going to Finisterre and Muxia?

    You could start in Porto rather than Lisbon. I’ll be doing that in May - I’ve booked to do the Portuguese Coastal Camino through a travel company here in Australia (I’ll be doing it self-guided) so I’ll be walking from Porto to Santiago over 13 days and then from Santiago to Finisterre over...
  4. Adhemar78

    Favorite Leg/Section

    The Pyrenees and the Basque Country are great, but personally I can’t go past the few days in Galicia at the end. So green and rustic; it feels a bit like walking through the Shire out of the Lord of the Rings. The Camino Frances really does leave the best for last.
  5. Adhemar78

    If you want to take 4 rest days on the CF, where would you stop?

    I didn’t take any rest days when I did the CF in 2014, which I regret, but if I did it again and took rest days they would certainly include Pamplona, Leon and Burgos - all lively and beautiful cities worth spending more time in. If I had to nominate a fourth rest day location it would probably...
  6. Adhemar78

    1 or 2 day religious walks in Australia?

    How about the Way of St James Cygnet in Tasmania? There’s a website for it at https://www.waytostjames.com.au
  7. Adhemar78

    Starting from Lisbon — good or bad idea?

    Yes that’s true, but I do want to have a couple of days to look around Porto before I start, and a few days to recover at home before I return to work. It’s 26 hours to get from Sydney to Porto and I’ve always had a lot of difficulty sleeping on flights, so I know I won’t be in any fit state to...
  8. Adhemar78

    Starting from Lisbon — good or bad idea?

    I’m going to be doing the Portuguese Camino in May next year but I’ll be starting in Porto. This choice is based simply on the time available to me - if I could walk from Lisbon I would, as from a personal point of view the longer the better. But I only have four weeks holiday, and I want to...
  9. Adhemar78

    Rabanal del Camino Albergues

    I stayed at Refugio Gaucelmo in October 2014 - I was, and still am, a member of the Confraternity of St James so it was an albergue I was particularly keen to stay at. It didn’t disappoint, and I thought the afternoon tea and biscuits (which I gather is something they do everyday) was a very...
  10. Adhemar78

    Trekking poles

    I absolutely recommend taking trekking poles. I bought some for the Camino despite not being convinced I would use them, but ended up using them for about 95 per cent of my time on the Camino. I had problems with my knees on the Camino, and I suspect these would have been much worse if I hadn’t...
  11. Adhemar78

    How to get to Saint Jean Pied de Port

    I went to Paris for a few days first and then got a train from Montparnasse station to Bayonne, then got what was meant to be a train (there was a replacement bus in September 2014) to Saint Jean Pied de Port.
  12. Adhemar78

    Your Favourite Things About the Camino?

    1. My first night on the Camino at Refuge Orisson, sitting at dinner and conversing with people from all over the world. 2. Walking up towards Col de Lepoeder and feeling for the first time that I was going to make it over the Pyrenees and all the way to Santiago de Compostela - I believed I...
  13. Adhemar78

    Do I need gloves if I am using a Trekking Pole

    I only tend to wear gloves when it is cold or wet when I am walking, so most of the time I just have my bare hands on the poles. I have had problems with sweaty hands when it has been warm but it hasn't occurred to me to wear gloves when this happens, as I just expect my hands would get hotter...
  14. Adhemar78

    Kumano Kodo article in Afar magazine

    Thank you for posting this article - I’ll be going to Japan to walk the Kumano Kodo in October and I’m reading any articles I can find on it. It will be interesting to see how many other Camino veterans I run into while I’m walking!
  15. Adhemar78

    What did you bring on the Camino that you wound up not using?

    1. I went to a Camino workshop here in Sydney where I was advised to take a trowel for burying my poop if I needed to go in a field or something. I never needed to do this; I didn’t need the trowel. It makes me laugh when I think about this! 2. All the tops I took were merino wool tops - they...

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