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Recent content by Camineiro

  1. Camineiro

    COVID Covid digital vaccine passport being prepared (for EU citizens)

    I guess there will be no problem for pilgrims if he/she/divers shows the “oldfashioned“ yellow papermade International Certificate Of Vaccination, issued by the WHO, on request.
  2. Camineiro

    What would you skip on the Aragones?

    Hmmm ... seems like you‘ve missed and left out the canyon section at Foz de Lumbier. You should do it again. 😉
  3. Camineiro

    What would you skip on the Aragones?

    Hi Les Brass, I wouldn‘t skip and like to miss any part of the C‘aragones. When I did the aragones in 2012 every part was worth walking. Did you think about taking public transport from your end point of the day back to your starting point. There are busses circulating between Oloron...
  4. Camineiro

    Comparing alpinista route with StJPdP-Ronscesvalles

    May be one more word to the “alpinista-route“: I do agree to all the comments before, but ... If you come along the Jaizkibel in wet, rainy weather, the steep slope at the beginning is as slippery as yellow soap. You do 1 step forward and 2 steps back. In addition in rainy weather the top of...
  5. Camineiro

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    I‘m using “silent spike pads“ They are not cheap but longlasting and durable. I can do usually the camino frances 2 times with one pair.
  6. Camineiro

    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    - Camino Primitivo from Villaviciosa - Camino do mar from Ribadeo in connection with Camino inglès (partly) and Camino dos faros to Finisterre - St. Olavs way from Selånger/sweden to Trondheim/norway (optional)
  7. Camineiro

    Uproar over the renovations of San Marcos (the parador in León)

    Allan, there are more than just the Camino frances and the Camino portugues in spain. Ourense is situated on the Camino Sanabres (extension of the Via de la plata). May be less known and less walked. But an official camino.
  8. Camineiro

    Why do we walk?

    We walk, because ... we are made for. God gave us legs and feet. If we were made for flying, he‘d given us wings to fly.
  9. Camineiro

    What Is This Sculpture?

    In german language these parts of a church/cathedral are called ship (Schiff), too.
  10. Camineiro

    One of the most beautiful stages of the Camino Frances

    Hi Cayou, next time try the camino duro, which turns off to the right shortly after passing the bridge in Villafranca. A short steep ascent and you will be high above the valley, guardrails and highways. Very beautiful alternative. Just continue climbing the ramp on the right side. It will...
  11. Camineiro

    Video/Pocast COVID Radar and app for COVID tracing in Spain

    Hi Ivar, I was able to download and install the app here in Germany. No problem at all. It looks pretty much the same as the german COVID warning app.
  12. Camineiro

    Camino Norte + heights

    The bridge is accessible on both sides. This is the footpath on the right side of the bridge and it looks pretty much the same as on the lefthand side shown in the video. At the end of the bridge on the other side of the ria you either turn right to go the the albergue municipal or pass...
  13. Camineiro

    Bilbao - Casto Urdiales

    The way is well marked and the road wasn‘t very busy last year when I did it in april as there is a motorway (A8) leading parallel to it (may be a handful of cars). There‘s an alternative route (not shown on your map) along the coastline between El Pontarron and Villanueva. But I have no further...
  14. Camineiro

    COVID When will Camino Primitivo open for International travellers?

    As far as I know, the EU will keep the borders closed for all non-european visitors ufn. Travelling within the EU from juin 15th will only be possible for european citizens. Spain opens their borders for non-spaniards from july 1st.
  15. Camineiro

    StJPdP to Finisterre in 30 Days - Sample Itinerary?

    Ambitous, but possible. Divide about +/- 900km by 30 = 30km/day. A look into or using the planificador at will give you a hint about where to stop for the night. Buen camino