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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
Camino Passport
Original passport made by the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. Shipped from Santiago all around the world with DHL.

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  1. Cliff175

    A group walk

    I emailed Association for more information,, I never been on an organized Camino, Id be interested in walking the entire Camino. any ideas on number of people, accommodations , etc ? Thank You for posting this, Stay Safe, we'll be walking toward the Light soon,.
  2. Cliff175

    Interesting article ... about walking

  3. Cliff175

    How Many days to walk from Canterbury to Rome?

    I’ll have to check the labels ....make sure I am in the right country...should be great fun. Kind of having second thoughts on VF , saw utube video...walking through france looks like mostly road walking..., having to call ahead for reservations... not many pilgrims.... I only speak English, so...
  4. Cliff175

    How Many days to walk from Canterbury to Rome?

    Thank you for your advice.. I'm not walking until April - May of 2021 , so have some time to prepare. Do you live in Scotland ? My wife and I are going this MAY, for couple of weeks. We may walk West Highland Way... not sure my wife has a bad knee now for couple months so we will have to see...
  5. Cliff175

    How Many days to walk from Canterbury to Rome?

    What are ING maps... thank you
  6. Cliff175

    How Many days to walk from Canterbury to Rome?

    Is it possible to obtain canal maps? Would you recommend I carry a tent? Thank You for your reply Cliff
  7. Cliff175

    How Many days to walk from Canterbury to Rome?

    Could you tell me where you started on the canal path ? Does the canal enter Besançon ? I would like to walk VF however could not go for 90 days.... 60 or so is possible. I would appreciate any advice, Thank You
  8. Cliff175

    Boston, USA to Paris or Madrid?

    Boston to Dublin, Dublin to Biarritz , there is a van service https://www.expressbourricot.com/ or share taxi from Biarritz airport to St. Jean. Santiago to Dublin , Aerlingus twice a week.... Dublin to Boston Allows you to buy round trip from Boston to Dublin, I’m from Fall River ma. ...
  9. Cliff175

    23 y/o American looking for help planning to my first Camino!

    Hola, Start http://www.americanpilgrims.org/. Good resource, Go to local chapters see if any in your area. Most important, purchase hiking foot wear now, start walking, build up to comfortable 10 mi walk before you leave. Purchase guide book, good info in it also. Packing list, etc. contact...
  10. Cliff175

    The Camino Madrid in March 2018

    What date do you plan to begin the Camino Madrid ?
  11. Cliff175

    Starting in Burgos

    Good Morning We walk colt state park, Weetamoe woods in tiverton. Simons pond in little Compton , for hills we walk north end of Fall River ( good work out), horseneck Beach in Westport great walk, We usually average 6 , 7 miles maybe more depending on how we feel nice off road no cars etc ...
  12. Cliff175

    Starting in Burgos

    Hola. I noticed you live in Rhode Island. I live in Somerset Ma. I have walked several caminor and have mentored people in ma and Rhode Island. I’m In Training myself to walk the Camino Madrid this March, helping three women to prepare to walk this coming Fall. You are welcome to join us if...
  13. Cliff175

    Camino de Madrid March 2018

    Im leaving on the 2oth of March, I could hold off or a couple days, say 22,. Would you be able to leave on the 22 ?
  14. Cliff175

    The Camino Madrid in March 2018

    Holla! My wife and I will be ending our vacation in Madrid . Her flight is on the 19 of March. I figured I would begin on the 20th. When do you plan on walking, could you begin on the 21st. I could hold off for a day or so 22 nd but not three, I’d have to move on. I’m halfway thinking of...