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  1. Dawsie

    Question about power banks

    Thanks Perigina2000 and VNwalking for tempering my optimistic recollections regarding Camino signage. Inevitably my impressions of excellent route signage will have been coloured by the strongest memories coming from the end sections of Caminos - on the approaches to SdC itself (on del Norte and...
  2. Dawsie

    Question about raintrousers

    Hi all, I have just returned from a wet week walking the UK South Coast Path. I got much wetter from the waist high weeds by the path than from the rain from above. Wet shoes is a recipe for blisters, and at times I had to stop every half hour and wring out socks. Experience (and pre-camino...
  3. Dawsie

    Question about power banks

    Hi all, It sounds like some of you are suffering from a version of Battery life anxiety. I hope these comments help. a) Although by default I am an optimist, the best bit of advice I got from this forum was "Don't take anything with you on a Camino that you aren't prepared to lose". Write your...
  4. Dawsie

    Del Norte in 3 weeks

    If you want to find practical ways to skip a few sections which I have previously used successfully. If you need, look at flying into or out of Asturias airport (about half way along Norte). The railway which runs along the north coast provides useful leapfrog opportunities from Oviedo up as far...
  5. Dawsie

    Camping-- Concern

    Hi Stacee, Having walked half of the del Norte, I think that you are missing one of the important reasons for walking a Camino if you intend to exclusively Wild Camp - even in these difficult times, spending time with other pilgrims in B&B, restaurants, bars or albergue is a major part of the...
  6. Dawsie

    1 Hr time between flights doable in Madrid?

    In 2019 I was able to get through Madrid airport with a flight from Heathrow followed by a connecting flight to Asturias airport (midway on the Camino de Norte) with just 45 minutes between flights. It was a bit of a rush then and this was before Covid health checks and while the UK was still a...
  7. Dawsie

    What I Learned from Walking Alone

    I have a few other considerations for this discussion which makes walking alone more practical: a) I used to be shy and spent most of my career working almost alone. I always walk alone. However, in my first two week half-Camino trip, I set my objective to meet (and speak with) at least 100...
  8. Dawsie

    Your favorite camino hat!

    I can empathise with the companion of "trecile" above. My favourite walking hat is as shown in the photo to the left. This is a really cheap hat made of paper bought for little more than £1 from Primark. I started wearing it while walking the Ridgeway in the UK, then it became my lucky hat while...
  9. Dawsie

    Railway stations enroute

    I am sursprised to see no photos of the old loco in the front of Santiago de Compostela rail station? My happy memories of rail travel on the Camino start with a short trip from SdC to Ourense for a trial week of De Plata when I first learned of the difference between the High Speed service...
  10. Dawsie

    How do you wear a hat with a backpack?

    Nothing special, just a cheap hat made from paper but it has been with me for two caminos and half of the South West Coast Path - it is my "Walking Hat". If it rains, or in strong winds, it is very secure under the hood of my rain jacket. I also always carry a Buff, this sometimes gets used...
  11. Dawsie

    100km...start Ourense or Vigo or..?

    I also recommend starting from Ourense. It was my introduction to the Camino. Very easy travel by train from SdC to Ourense to get started. Good places to stay and eat in Ourense before starting. A bit confusing at the beginning from the city as the way markers are difficult to find, but very...
  12. Dawsie

    An Interesting Map

    One of the very best things that I heard which was introduced by the BBC many years ago when the UK weather forecasting changed from mostly Farenheit to Centigrade scale was this simple little rhyme: Five, ten, and twenty one Winter, Spring and Summer sun Add in the very well known...
  13. Dawsie


    I am a snorer - guilty as charged. My long suffering wife has worn earplugs every night for the past couple of decades and so she is quite an expert of her own ears. Her advice is definitely to try a wide variety of different ear plugs before settling on your personal favourites. The shared...
  14. Dawsie

    2019 Apr Ourense VdlP

    2019 Apr Ourense VdlP