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Recent content by ELHS220

  1. ELHS220

    wax stamp

    I see someone provided pictures. Here is the video: It’s before Miraz because he’s asking if that is my destination.
  2. ELHS220

    wax stamp

    I have one. I took a video of him doing it. I will look through my photos and vids and try to pin point the location.
  3. ELHS220

    Planning to walk from Astorga solo, advice please!

    LEUKOTAPE is amazing. It will literally stay on for days and is not bothered by sweat or showers. I used it on the ball of my feet and around the edges of my heels.
  4. ELHS220

    Heart condition on the Camino

    I was diagnosed with AFIB (and also SVT) last spring. No shortness of breath though. I am 74. MD put me on FLECAINIDE (100 mg/2x) in May and I haven’t had a single beat issue since. Depending upon your individual circumstance, it may or may not be appropriate for you. You might mention it...
  5. ELHS220

    Finisterre Credential

    They have them at the Pilgrim Office.
  6. ELHS220

    COVID Simple questions about masks

    I would think that the KN version would be sufficient.
  7. ELHS220

    COVID Simple questions about masks

    Can you order from Amazon? Pack of 10 @ $27.50.
  8. ELHS220

    Best use of Voucher?

    My voucher expires in April. My plan is to use it by then for spring/early summer of 2022. If I end up not going, I guess it’s lost. Attached is a photo of a letter from the CEO that was probably e-mailed to all voucher holders. She invites people to contact her with any questions or...
  9. ELHS220

    Expensive Accommodations!

    I did the Norte in 2019. Prices definitely more than Francés with fewer choices. Irún is VERY high for what you get. You can see from this list that options and prices vary WIDELY. May 6: Overnight Flight May 7: Irún Pensión Lizaso €40 May 8: Irún...
  10. ELHS220

    Cathedral Noon Mass July 25

    Today’s Mass at the Cathedral with the Royal Family in attendance and botafumeiro at the end. The young man who does the first reading is one of the staff members at the Pilgrim Office. I believe his name is Santiago (Santi). I worked with him both times that I was there.
  11. ELHS220

    Ribadeo Bridge

    Your feelings describe mine to a “T.” I am glad that I am not alone. I get that same “throw myself off” feeling and I often use the word “irrational” in my comments to others. I could not touch the railing. I held on to the fence on the highway side, kept my gaze on my feet, and walked...
  12. ELHS220

    Ribadeo Bridge

    I see I was mentioned in one of the comments. Here is my video.
  13. ELHS220

    TAP Travel Voucher - Expired

    I just received this e-mail from the CEO. She invites anyone to write to her regarding any problem or issue. Give it a try.