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    Entrenous reacted to gns's post in the thread Long days and double stages with Like Like.
    I have a rule of thumb which says that under 24km is short, 24km - 32km is normal, 32km to 40km is long and over 40km is a big day. The big days are not common but are memorable in their own way. Perhaps the best was from Ciudad Rodrigo to...
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    We will be walking in October and November. Yes - shock, horror -we have precooked accommodation and May take occasional taxis or buses. This is be my fourth Camino and the third for my husband. We have organised our Camino this way because of...
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    Entrenous reacted to skevin's post in the thread Homophobia on the camino with Like Like.
    Can not believe I have to post this but here goes. Homophobic comments, statements and judgments are not only unwelcome , but also constitute hate speech and have no place in life, including on the various Caminos de Santiago. My marriage...
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    Too much judgment, too little compassion or understanding in this thread. If you walk 10 kms, so what. If you walk 40 kms, so what. Do what works for you and your body and don’t worry what other people are doing. Time to close.
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    Entrenous reacted to Nick Barlow's post in the thread People walking 35 - 40 KM per day with Like Like.
    One thing that I found on the Camino is that there'll always be someone who walks faster than you, does more in a day, started further away etc etc and it's not a competition. I met several people who walked much longer than me (35-40km to my 25...
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    Entrenous reacted to BrienC's post in the thread People walking 35 - 40 KM per day with Like Like.
    In July 2015, a friend and I walked the Francés in 20 days, averaging about 40km per day. This was not to find beds for the night or to get there first. It was because we could. That was my first Camino. Since then, I've walked the Via de la...
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    I have walked the Camino twice (2015 and 2018) and I always got up early nearly every day but especially when in the Meseta. I enjoyed my walks in the dark, especially when there was a moon; and generally reached my reserved albergue early...
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    Entrenous reacted to trecile's post in the thread People walking 35 - 40 KM per day with Like Like.
    Which is why I strongly discourage people from reading lots of Camino books or watching the ever increasing number of Camino films and videos before they leave. Let your Camino be your own experience without the influence of other pilgrim's...
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    Entrenous reacted to malingerer's post in the thread People walking 35 - 40 KM per day with Like Like.
    The only way I could do two stages is if there was a horse pulling the coach :) I intend to be King of the Snails with a 10k max god willing per day when next I go anywhere near the Meseta ! I love it to bits and am always glad to see the...
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    Entrenous reacted to Duffman's post in the thread Foot Care with Like Like.
    I made it from SJPP to Astorga without issues then developed some painful blisters between my toes from having too narrow a toe box. I've since switched to Altra Lone Peaks and haven't had issues since, though I haven't had a really long...
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