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Recent content by Frances Bat

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    Help with blisters

    A good person to consult is your hospitalero - they often have a lot of experience with blisters and can give guidance on visiting a medical centre if necessary. Main point is to prevent infection - betadine can help, and cut up pieces of sanitary towel under a plaster or bandage can provide...
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    Blog: Camino Portugues Porto to Santiago (June, 2019)

    I've already laughed out loud twice and that's just the journey to Porto
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    Help! Missing Passport

    Great news!
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    Help! Missing Passport

    That must be a shock! I hope they turn up.
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    Who else is walking late June through July?

    Buen camino! I walked end of June through July in 2017 from SJPdP. You will have a chance to get used to the heat as you start off in cooler climes and then it gets hotter as you go further into Spain. When it starts getting really hot, start earlier - we even set off in the dark a couple of...
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    Transfer from A Coruna to City

    Thank you. My mother and I are flying into A Coruna tomorrow before heading to Sarria. I wanted to avoid flying into SdC, so my mum can experience walking into the city.
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    Transfer from A Coruna to City

    Thank you for your reply. The price estimate is helpful.
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    Transfer from A Coruna to City

    You are lucky! I'm looking forward to seeing the city properly after a very short visit last year. Thank you for your reply.
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    Transfer from A Coruna to City

    Can anyone recommend an airport transfer service from the airport of A Coruna to our hotel in the city of A Coruna? I was hoping the hotel would do it, but they are telling me to just get an airport taxi. The snag is that I want to have a proper transfer organised in case I am delayed and my mum...
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    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2019

    Left Pocuvadlo today. I walked from the hotel down to the town with my things in my trusty camino rucksack - about 10km. A beautiful spring walk.
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    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2019

    Hiked from Pocuvadlo lake up to Sitno which is the highest mountain in these parts - a mere 1007m. Great view and a nice talk with a local geologist till we were distracted by a 7-year-old with no parents in sight who came up and had to be persuaded not to toddle off the cliff. Parents arrived...
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    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2019

    I've gone to Pocuvadlo lake - I've done a couple of circuits of a small hill next to the lake today. I saw butterflies, bees, a bird of prey, wagtails, a nuthatch, fish in the lake and I saw the signs of wild pigs in the woods but luckily didn't meet any.
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    A camino cancelled? Seizures? (Please, send good energy)

    Such wonderful news! Enjoy your holiday and buen camino!
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    Reading book worth carrying?

    I took and enjoyed Laurie Lee's account of his travels on foot around Spain in 'As I Walked out one Midsummer's morning'. I had a kobo with me though, so I also had The Pilgrimage Road, Basho's haikus, the Bible and some Xena fan fiction. You never know what you might need. :)
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    Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, is on fire.

    I am so glad the rose windows have survived unscathed. Well done to the firefighters! It sounds like they battled hard to prevent the complete destruction of the cathedral.