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Recent content by gns

  1. gns

    Book Club 3.3 - The Roland Medals by Maureen Cashman.

    I bought this some time ago and was put off by the start, so I put it to one side as I had other priorities. This weekend I had two long train journeys and decided to give it another go. I finished it although there were some uninteresting parts I skimmed over. The book is nicely written but as...
  2. gns

    Escapism or yearning to go

    Not as high minded but I still laugh out loud when I read this for the umpteenth time: "It had struck me as odd that a large crowd had gathered to see us off. I now realized that they were not seeing us off; they were coming too". (Peter Fleming - News from Tartary). Easily pleased I know.
  3. gns

    Anyone planning a Christmas Camino this year?

    This is the last real point of comparison available but the numbers are likely to be much less this year. I am looking at January and expect it to be very solitary on the Sanabres. Buen Camino
  4. gns

    Book Club 3.2, Fiction - Atlas of Places that Could or Should have Existed on the Camino de Santiago

    I enjoyed this one although after a week it is already fading from memory. The starting premise is interesting and some of the individual places are well done. It wasn't clear which ones were made up except for one or two instances where the description of something supposedly from early Iberia...
  5. gns

    Book Club 3.1, Fiction - Merchant's List

    I finished this a while a go and would be interested in another one.
  6. gns

    Sanabres - Cea - A Laxe Oct 2021 accommodation

    I think the 37km is based on going via Oseira. The other route shortens the walk by c5km. There are normally options a few km after Cea and at Estacion de Lalin before A Laxe, which would bring the day within your maximum. You would need to walk slightly further on the stage from Ourense. I...
  7. gns

    La Vuelta - arrives in Santiago de Compostela

    There is a nod to the Primitivo with a start in Salas later in the week and the Invierno with a finish in Montforte De Lemos. It is not clear if they will qualify for a Compostela after they ride from Padron to the the cathedral on Sunday!
  8. gns

    Forum Book Club - 2.3: The Man with the Camino Tattoo (Dermot Breen)

    And now for the Norte This is another Camino which I haven't walked (yet?) so I was interested in how Mr Breen would present it. He was walking to fundraise for cancer research and to try and find some sort of closure over grieving for his late wife. To avoid spoilers I will just say that this...
  9. gns

    Camino Friends

    I would suggest you leave yourself a couple of days in Santiago at the end. People arrive at different times and celebrate together before moving on either to the coast or on their journey home. This creates a rhythm for completing the Camino, and parting feels a natural part of it including...
  10. gns

    Forum Book Club - 2.3: The Man with the Camino Tattoo (Dermot Breen)

    Probably guilty as charged. I start out wanting to like these people but sometimes it is hard. I have a recurring daydream. A group of pilgrims are alone in an isolated albergue on a stormy night. There is an American priest, a passionate Basque, a fussy nun, an Australian actress and now a...
  11. gns

    Forum Book Club - 2.2: Northbound (Paul McGranaghan)

    I finished this last week after struggling to get to the end asking myself why I am I reading this? First of all the good. It is generally well written and from Porto he provides a perfectly acceptable Camino narrative but with some caveats (see below). Secondly the bad. He desperately seems...
  12. gns

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Torres Trancoso-Braga June 2021

    I agree about the last stretch but I did enjoy it as I was feeling fit and was looking forward to reaching Ponte de Lima. I don't find walking on paved surfaces as much of a turn off as a lot of people and I enjoy the experience of being in Portugal in general The stretch from Salamanca to...
  13. gns

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Torres Trancoso-Braga June 2021

    I don't think anyone has posted an account of the Geira on here before so you will be trailblazers!
  14. gns

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Torres Trancoso-Braga June 2021

    It's been great following your posts which have brought back some very happy memories. I also remember some pretty sharp (but luckily not too long) climbs before Lamego. Are they still there? Mesao Frio was all roadworks when I was there and climbing up to the windmills the next morning was all...
  15. gns

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Torres Trancoso-Braga June 2021

    Enjoy. It will mainly be on roads but the Douro valley is special.