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    Spending time and money at IKEA so you don't have to!

    That SegSack looks awesome. I am doomed. I have become such a gear geek.
  2. Gobsmacked by the World

    Alert Guns (hunting) and pilgrims safety

    In total agreement with Tincatinker. Hi-viz clothing, of some kind, I believe is essential for a less stressful Camino. Not just for hunters, but road traffic (not just in the country, but more so in the city). The yellow vests that are somewhat mandatory (I’ve been told) are plentiful…though...
  3. Gobsmacked by the World

    COVID Leon medical care COVID?

    Agreed on coughing all around, it’s respiratory season. Some of the Albergues sound like a tree-planting camp I’d worked in ages ago. “Camp cough” seems to be going around. Kitchen hygiene in the albergues is nowhere near as good as I saw in the work camp, so not surprising. I’ve a sniffle and a...
  4. Gobsmacked by the World

    Which guide would you carry

    Thanks for the map app recommendation!
  5. Gobsmacked by the World


    I am going with Hoka Tectonic X. I LOVE them. Good sized toe box, great ground feel, cushiony like other Hoka. The carbon plates (which give the shoes an eye-watering price) actually give a slight springy feel. I mean…you aren’t going to be like a lunar astronaut taking ten foot bounds…but they...
  6. Gobsmacked by the World

    Sleeping bag or Klymit blanket on CF in fall?

    I am a newbie, going for my first Camino (CF) in September. I have a light weight sleeping bag from Decathlon, and one part of me thinks that having a comfy sleep assured in a bag would be the way to go...I did find an interesting video on youtube. I am now leaning towards using a silk liner...
  7. Gobsmacked by the World

    Does my plan for mailing some supplies ahead to myself make sense?

    Just check for the Decathlons along the way. I had a glance at their website, they’re all along the CF. I’m sure there are other outfitters. If you know what you want, just email the store and ask them to hold a pair for X date, I’m sure they’ll be flexible. I’m not taking my trekking poles, so...
  8. Gobsmacked by the World

    Sleeping bag or silk liner

    I got this off Amazon, it is half the price of the equivalent blanket / poncho from Thermarest, and is a better design (though 100 grams more due to a long zipper). It opens up into a blanket, zips up into a sleeping bag (actually a tube, open at each end) AND, can be a poncho for warmth (not...
  9. Gobsmacked by the World

    Training Program

    I am no expert in these matters, but you may want to check out the “Knees over Toes Guy”. Joe Rogan had him on his podcast and he is very popular and I am trying to add a few of his exercises in my prep (keep in mind I am much older than you). He ‘survived’ multiple knee surgeries and now leaps...
  10. Gobsmacked by the World

    Topo ultraventure 2

    I am new to TOPOs, they are hard to find in Vancouver, Canada area. I ended up ordering direct the TOPO ultraventure pro. I like them, a little different so getting used to them. I just went up a half size too. They have a rock plate, so they are stiffer than most trail runners. I put in...
  11. Gobsmacked by the World

    Sleeping bags

    Mountain Equipment Coop, in Canada, has a nice bag. Essentially it is a quilt sewn onto a sheet. You save the weight of not having sleeping bag under you, while having structure that prevents the quilt from sliding off...
  12. Gobsmacked by the World

    Camino Frances May/June 2022

    Hi, I've not bought a ticket yet but hope to leave Canada May 20 and leaving from SJPP (exact date uncertain at this moment). At the moment I am obsessing (LOL) about what to bring...and negotiating time off of work.
  13. Gobsmacked by the World

    Sharing my visit to a podiatrist (orthotics)

    I wonder what opinions people had about the sport store higher end insoles, Superfeet come to mind, or the more expensive of the Dr Scholls insoles. Dr Scholls even has a machine system available in some areas that you stand on, and then an insole from a selection of about 18 is recommended...
  14. Gobsmacked by the World

    Backpack indecision help!

    By way of follow up, I took the plunge today and purchased an Osprey Stratos 36 L. I hovered greatly over the Exos, both 38 and was lighter...I suppose it was the belt pockets that won me over to the Stratos. That said, I still covet the front mesh stuff pocket of the Exos. As the forum...

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