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  1. HedaP

    My sleep sack "innovation"

    Fantastic idea. I like the wide side opening and I suppose you turn the sheet inside out if you want the opening on the other side and the pillow in the same spot?
  2. HedaP

    Junta albergue kitchens

    Mostly this is the case but there are a few exceptions such as Monte do Grozo.
  3. HedaP

    Day 3 on our Camino Portuguese

    Excellent! Thank you.
  4. HedaP

    Help selecting Boots for our Walk.

    Thanks to @Kanga, I bought a pair of waterproof socks for an early spring camino. I walk in quick dry trail runners and got last minute heebie jeebies about walking through snow. Turned out my wool socks were fine for the snow but several consecutive days of, sometimes literally, icy rain made...
  5. HedaP

    Camino diary, before and after

    Well done, pilgrim.
  6. HedaP

    New Vlog

    Thanks for the link, Mark. :)
  7. HedaP

    My parting thoughts on my camino

    Are you trying to talk yourself out of doing another camino? Cunning ploy. Best of luck with it. ;)
  8. HedaP

    Perverts on Portuguese Camino

    I am sorry this happened to you, Jamie. It sounds most unpleasant and I can certainly understand why you are now hyper vigilant. Like you, I went back to walk alone after a happy and safe first camino that I walked with family. I had several similar incidents happen to me on my second camino...
  9. HedaP

    LIVE from the Camino Started our Camino

    Bookmarked! Thank you for sharing and all the very best for your pilgrimage.
  10. HedaP

    A Day Hike Workout With GoPro

    Wow, looks like an ideal camino practice ground, Dave.
  11. HedaP

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2018?

    Very true, Sabine. Walking is such a joy. We have much to be thankful for and when the time comes when we can no longer walk, may we be graced with the ability to also enjoy sitting and watching the world go by.
  12. HedaP

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2018?

    8 kms up Mt Gray and back this morning. Misty start but it cleared in time for the views.
  13. HedaP

    Question about Altras

    This photo was taken in 2015 of one lonely pair of trail runners. Doubt I’ll be able to take a photo like this again.
  14. HedaP

    Peregrino Torture Tower

    I thought it was yet more proof that the route planner for the CF has a sense of humour. :cool:
  15. HedaP

    Anyone seen this yet?(mainly Oz)

    I bought a copy from the author’s website some years ago. https://www.noelbraun.com.au/dayforwalking.html He walked Le Puy to Santiago in two goes. He walked in memory of his wife who suffered from severe depression. I enjoyed the book mostly because it was a realistic account of a pilgrimage...

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