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  1. hunsta

    Spanish language question

    WOW 80 responses. Who'd-a-thunk ? However................naaaaaa! On second thoughts I'll leave it there. Gracias
  2. hunsta

    Spanish language question

    Oh you naughty Kiwi you🤣🤣🤣
  3. hunsta

    Spanish language question

    Thank you very much. I thought it was that. Much appreciated. 👍👍
  4. hunsta

    Spanish language question

    Hey all. I have a small question I need someone who speaks fluent Spanish to help me with. Before my last Camino. I endeavoured to learn a little Spanish to help me along the way. Which it did. And I picked up a little whilst there. Now to my question. Whilst there, on quite a few occasions in...
  5. hunsta

    Accommodations Coastal Route

    Great advice there. I would assume that once things begin to open faster than the camino's can. It will be difficult in some respects. Leaving the coastal route for the inland in this case is a smart move. If the need arises.
  6. hunsta

    Struggling with sock choice

    I did my first Camino in 2015. Took 2 pairs of these. Great socks. Although they are not my regular day socks. I still use those same sock ,now 6 years later. And they have done well over 1000 miles.
  7. hunsta

    Is cash still King on camino?

    Thanks for the replies people. Yeah guess I'll just do as I did 6 years ago. Have cash on hand. Just wanted to know if things had changed in that respect much. Cheers Craig
  8. hunsta

    Is cash still King on camino?

    Thats what I pretty much expected. This was a topic that was covered way back in 2014. When I started my research for my 1st Camino back then. Think you may have even commented Kanga. I kinda remember your name as being a fellow aussie. I do understand with covid, contactless payment would be a...
  9. hunsta

    Is cash still King on camino?

    OK. Hope this doesnt sound like a silly question. But I last walked the French Way back in May 2015. Yes I know only 6 years ago. But things can change. Back then ,cash was king in most situations. And understandably so. Lots of small rural centres. With little electronic money transfer...
  10. hunsta

    Sunshine Coast Camino Group - Quarterly Meeting - 15th March, 2020

    Hey Jennifer. WOW! to think it all started for me way back in 2014 on this very subsection with Lew. And here I am. Nearly 7 years later. Thinking of heading back in May 2023 (think we`ll be allowed by then). Must come and drop in on you good people in the near future.
  11. hunsta

    Sunshine Coast Camino Group

    G'day there. Garry and David from the group just got into Paris a day or two ago. Depending where you start you may catch them. Buen Camino
  12. hunsta

    Sunshine Coast Camino Group

    I'll be there.
  13. hunsta

    Sleeping Bag?

    I started my journey first week in May this year. There was still snow on the ground as we went over the Napoleon Way. However I dragged a zero sleeping bag(i didnt want to get rid of it because it was a good one) all the way. If you think a silk bag wont be enough and a good sleeping bag to...
  14. hunsta

    Condolence book for Denise

    So glad the family can now get some closer. RIP Denise.
  15. hunsta

    Trying to find out how my dad is doing

    I actually had dinner at the next table to him at SJPDP. I know he's checked in, but he was in good spirits the night I spoke to him.