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  1. hunsta

    Toothpaste and deodorant - where to buy cheaper?

    I tell everyone I hike with. Dont worry about deodorant. We`ll all smell the same in a day or three 🤢🤣 🤣 🤣
  2. hunsta

    How many days are needed for the Camino Frances ?

    I took 35 days with 3 1/2 rest days on top of that. As C clearly said. Breileys book is just a guide. I stayed in many in-between section stops. And as has already been said. Start in Pamploma or Burgos. It will still be a great walk. And closer to your time frame.
  3. hunsta

    Small digital camera

    I still say the one thing that weighs it up for me is the fact that, unless you have an older compact that takes disposable batteries. You stuck with another device to leave charging somewhere.
  4. hunsta

    Alert Wildfires in Portugal

    As a fellow aussie and past rural firefighter. Hope the fire emergency passes for your trip mate. And hoping it passes without too much grief for the locals living in the area. Summer 2019/20 is only too fresh in our minds. Bom Caminho
  5. hunsta

    Small digital camera

    I too had a Nikon Coolpix. An L29. Not only a great camera. But run on AA batteries. In the 7 weeks I was in Spain . I only changed the batteries 3 times. Taking well over 1500 shots. I did this so as to not used my phone battery. Which I only charged every 5 days or so. While I watched others...
  6. hunsta

    Anyone trek The Camino with plates and screws in their ankle?

    I dont have any plates or screws anymore. But did have external fixatures for a compound fracture of my left tibia and fibula. Which left my fibula not only a non union break. But left it to protude forward and be quite prominent. Just above my ankle. Had some minor chaffing over the 800km. But...
  7. hunsta

    Spanish language courses - Gold Coast, Australia

    Just wondering if you found anything that suited you. I tried for a long time to find spanish lessons before my first Camino. To no avail. Neither TAFE or U3A in my area (just north of Sunshine Coast) had anything. I just ended up using Spanish for Dummies in the car. Basically just the first CD...
  8. hunsta

    My new favorite hiking pants!!!

    Interesting. Anything that makes it easier for you to go. Must be good. Loved one of the ad picture titles. BORN TO PEE WILD. 🤣 I can't help but sing that now😁
  9. hunsta

    Coffee inPortugal

    Um Garoto por favor
  10. hunsta

    Australian DPD required before boarding for home

    That would be stressful indeed. Now apart from my somewhat tongue in cheek comment earlier. Why do our governments departments make these things so difficult? I hope you time in Spain was good enough to forget the beaurocratic nuisance.
  11. hunsta

    Australian DPD required before boarding for home

    I have complete confidence in any app that Australian bureaucrats come up with. To work as well as any other app they have created...................................................:D:D:D:D:D:D:D...............................Sorry. I couldnt keep a straight face.;)
  12. hunsta

    Coffee inPortugal

    Can one just ask for a Cafe com leite and expect a plain old flat white? Or should one just order a branco liso?
  13. hunsta

    Female safety in Portugal vs. Spain

    Can I ask? And I only ask as Id like to know. Has there been a marked increase in incidents over say the last few years. I was on my first Camino in early May 2015 when a certain tragedy occurred. However at the time, any form of assault was considered rare-ish at best. To my knowledge. So as...
  14. hunsta

    Train Travel from Lisbon to Porto. Which station?

    I found prebuying train tickets a good and smart practice
  15. hunsta

    Sunshine Coast Camino Group - Quarterly Meeting - 15th March, 2020

    Oh I so wanted to attend this one. Seems catching Covid 2 days beforehand was more important. Perhaps the next one.
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