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    COVID Do you still feel like walking?

    Definitely planning on going (Primitivo)...maybe September? Had bookings for May/June but cancelled. Waiting to see how the virus progresses in Spain.
  2. J

    COVID Albergues openings — Camino Primitivo — Summer 2020

    Thank you very much. Looking at rebooking my CP for September. :)
  3. J

    Recommended men's trousers please

    checkout this website: https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/topics/clothing-mens/best-hiking-pants
  4. J

    Recommended men's trousers please

    Prana hiking pants, with zip-off legs have worked well for me. These dry quickly and have some stretch to them.
  5. J

    Cancelation Insurance due to Coronavirus

    Bought a policy last week which allows me to 'cancel for any reason'. This covers up to 75% (as noted above), and, of course, I had to pay up for this coverage.
  6. J

    How do YOU book your ticket to Spain?

    Buying airline tickets is a 'game'. I have found that the prices can change almost daily, and it does not matter which site you use to buy on. Because of this I have learned to check pricing almost every day, and when I see a 'good' price I book it. I do not expect, or think, that I will be...
  7. J

    Barefoot hiking shoes/boots?

    IMHO, I would not recommend this. There are parts of the Camino, (often enough) when you are walking on rocks - not small stones, but rocks the size of your fist, or larger, which would likely be hard on your feet. I would suggest something with a Vibram sole which can take this sort of...
  8. J

    Exploration day at the end: Estella or Los Arcos?

    stayed at Cortidores last year...really liked it. Good choice :)
  9. J

    Senior Newbies planning first Camino- advice?

    in SJPP i stayed at Hotel Itzalpea. Would stay there again
  10. J

    Booking rooms in advance

    Did the CF last Sept/Oct. and, for the most part, booked rooms two to three days ahead, except for the first three nights, which i booked before making the trip. Never had any problems, though it may be busier in June.
  11. J

    Air & Ground Transport to Sarria

    There would be many options on how to handle this. Direct flights from the US, best I know, only go into Madrid and Barcelona....or Lisbon and perhaps Porto in Portugal. From Madrid you could fly into Santiago and take bus (or maybe train) to Sarria. However, it would be less complicated to fly...
  12. J

    Route plan—help needed! (Bilbao, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port)

    Agree that 16:55 is probably too late to catch transport from Bilbao. Have you looked at taking train from Bilbao to Pomplona (4 to 5 hours, about US$30), and bus from Pomplona to SJPP (< 2 hours)? Not sure about accommodating your health issue, but you might try contacting some...
  13. J

    Which is the best rain JACKET to buy?

    Agree with GuyA on Arc'teryx - though pricey. Wore it last year on the CF in two days of rain, which was often a downpour. Used a backpack cover with dry bags and neither I nor anything in the bag got wet.
  14. J

    Train Schedules Barcelona to Pamplona ...

    If I recall correctly, tickets aren't available until 90 days before? Make sure that you are on a website that offers tickets for that route - e.g., i am currently looking for tickets from Madrid to Olviedo (Camino Primitivo), and Renfe does not run a direct train for that route, but Alvia does...
  15. J


    Larger shoes may be worth trying. For myself, i wear a size 11.5 casual/dress shoe, 12.0 in a running shoe, and 12.5 in my hiking shoes. In fact, the web site for my hiking shoe said that if i wear an Asics/New Balance running shoe, then i should wear a 1/2 size larger in my hiking (North Face)...

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