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    Renfe question

    I've taken Renfe several times in the last two years, in different parts of Spain, and, FWIW, they are not likely to be on time.
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    LIVE from the Camino On my way on the Camino del Salvador

    Agree with your comment on the route to St. Martin - just finished the del Salvador and I tried to find the shortcut but there was nothing even remotely obvious while using GPS.
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    Recommended Shoes

    Whatever you decide on for shoes, consider investing in a good pair of insoles - the ones that come with most any running/trail/hiking shoe are good for ****.
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    Waterproof shoes

    I've walked a full day in waterproof shoes and rain pants, in pouring rain, and at the end my feet were only a bit damp, probably from sweating. IMHO, having your feet get wet is a formula for getting blisters.
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    LIVE from the Camino Salvador/Primitivo End Aug - September 2022

    Buen Camino. I'll be there in October
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    Advice,,, Madrid Airport to Madrid Train Station

    you may be correct, though Salamanca is not considered to be on a high-speed line.
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    Advice,,, Madrid Airport to Madrid Train Station

    Chamartin services the northwestern area of Spain, with Atocha servicing most of the rest of the country, including all the high speed lines regardless of location.
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Vaccine requirements to enter Porto

    one way or another, this may all change by September. Check before you go at that time.
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    LIVE from the Camino The Writers on the VdlP

    Both. If there are only a few lodging options I try to book ahead.
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    LIVE from the Camino The Writers on the VdlP

    enjoying your posts....I'll be about two weeks behind you
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    Too late to start preparing & weather in May?

    Some have washers/dryers, some do not. Most all seem to have a place where you can hand wash and air-dry laundry. As far as washing goes, I've found that being flexible is necessary for me - I washed my clothes in the most convenient way available, sometimes taking the dirty clothing into the...
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    Too late to start preparing & weather in May?

    I think that you have plenty of time for training. Think kilometers of training instead of just in terms of time left to train. I'd suggest trying for 300 km. of training. Build up your mileage and towards the end of training start doing back to back days - there's no magic formula.
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    Roncesvalles Reservation - with or without dinner and/or breakfast?

    I did both. the dinner was good - chance to have a sit down with fellow pilgrims, and the food was fine. I'd skip the breakfast - dried bread/toast with jam - and eat in one of the towns shortly after Roncesvalles.
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    Clothing for "packing smart"/not overpacking for Camino Primitivo (second half of Sept 2022)

    I did it this past September and you are right that it is unpredictable. Temperatures were not very cold and a couple of layers were usually good enough - long sleeve top and a hoodie. There are enough slopes, which going up also helped to keep me warm. Also used a rain jacket which was a...
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    Bigger size Shoe

    I agree with your upping up on the size of shoe, as your feet will swell quite a bit during the Camino. I wear a size 11.5 in a dress/casual shoe, 12 in a running shoe and 12.5 for the Caminos and this has worked well for me. Have used North Face and Solomon and those work for me but, as you...

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