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Recent content by Kim Wright

  1. Kim Wright

    Snow Flakes

    Well no snow here in southern Alberta, Canada other than on the screen and the forecast indicates even we won't be having a white Christmas this year! Wouldn't you know it....bought the grandkids toboggans for Christmas!
  2. Kim Wright

    Pontevedra. Torn muscle or tendon in ankle

    Thanks for that. I will see what I will do.
  3. Kim Wright

    Pontevedra. Torn muscle or tendon in ankle

    I hope you can do it too. Did you end up going somewhere for medical treatment in Pontevedra?
  4. Kim Wright

    Pontevedra. Torn muscle or tendon in ankle

    Thank you so much for this info.
  5. Kim Wright

    Pontevedra. Torn muscle or tendon in ankle

    I don’t want to take over this post but I am heading to Pontevedra tomorrow and also have an ankle injury. I am hoping to hear where Val goes for treatment. I have not walked on the Camino for 8 days now and the pain in my ankle is showing little improvement. I started out in Lisbon but have...
  6. Kim Wright

    New albergue in Barcelinhos

    Just thought I'd mention that there is a new albergue ( 3 months old) in Barcelinhos just before Barcelos. There are private rooms as well as beds in a dorm available . There is a large yard to relax in as well as a well supplied kitchen. There is also a cafe right across the street. The...
  7. Kim Wright

    Brierly or no Brierly..

    I also felt that way on the Camino Frances and would say to my husband when we hadn't seen a yellow arrow or shell sign in some time, that i was having "Arrow Anxiety" or "Shell Shock".
  8. Kim Wright

    New albergue in Alpriate -- 20 km from Lisbon cathedral

    Thanks so much for the responses....we should make it there!
  9. Kim Wright

    New albergue in Alpriate -- 20 km from Lisbon cathedral

    We are hoping to stop here our first night. It looks like you cannot book ahead so am wondering if it is full most nights? Also if it is first come first serve....about what time of day does this happen that it is full? Thanks for any help with this.
  10. Kim Wright

    What to read on the Camino?

    Everyone is different in what they like to do while on the Camino. I haven't got a particular book to suggest but maybe try checking out TripFiction..... a site where you can search for books written about/or take place in a certain geographical location.
  11. Kim Wright

    Missing shoes

    This is what my wife and I did.......
  12. Kim Wright

    Orisson or Roncesvalles?

    Hi Frank - I would highly recommend walking only to Hunto (as Orisson is already booked) your first day. We did the Camino Frances in 2016 and we were both in our 50's. Originally we had planned to go all the way to Roncesvalles but 3 weeks before our Camino I had an appendectomy and we...
  13. Kim Wright

    Can hiking poles be carried on board airplanes?

    My husband and I have had the same experience with these poles. We only use carry on packs and never check them. We have flown to/from London , Madrid , Nice, Taipei , Bangkok, Delhi , Calgary, Athens , Venice and never had any problem going through security with them.

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