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When you walk the Camino, and suddenly a pandemic appears
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    How do you feel when you finish a camino?

    My usual reaction is more in the shock and awe department. Where did all these people come from? Who are they? Look - shop windows! Look out - cars! Cars? Traffic? Traffic lights? What is all this commotion? What is all this noise? What's with all this pavement? Signs! Advertising! Everywhere...
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    The internet sites about the Camino de Santiago en Europe, a tip for my research

    For heaven's sake! Someone please consolidate and pin this list.
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    Le Puy - any thoughts on my last two night before SJPP

    I'd suggest you either (1) change the route or (2) taxi to a half-way point. You're quite right that 40km will be exhausting.
  4. Kitsambler

    Plans for new 3000 km GR in France

    ... along every single range of mountains they could find. We have a local hiking group called the Mountain Goats - a suitable name for any of these hikers.
  5. Kitsambler

    Advice on le puy to st jean

    I suggest you actually try to work with the French version. Apart from the introductory descriptive text (which you don't really need since you have this wonderful Forum as a resource!), the listings are essentially directory listings: establishment name, street address, contact info, planned...
  6. Kitsambler

    Advice on le puy to st jean

    Even in normal years, walking in France becomes something of an adventure as fall progresses. September, especially early September, is about the busiest time of the year on the pilgrim paths. There is a "week"-long school vacation in October; the exact dates for this vary with location and year...
  7. Kitsambler

    Starting slowly on the Le Puy route

    My stages often overlap the list above, but mostly shorter. Details in the blog, starting here: Geneva Archamps Charly Collonges d'eu Haut Desingy Seyssel Serrieres-en-Chautagne Chanaz Yenne Saint-Genix-sur-Guirs Les Abrets Le...
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    Le Puy - any thoughts on my last two night before SJPP

    My routing in 2011 was: Navarrenx - Des Chenes - Uhart-Mixe - Carracotchia - SJPP In this area, there are multiple routes and possibilities. Since we were walking in the busy month of September, we always called ahead for reservations. This particular routing suited my shorter daily comfortable...
  9. Kitsambler

    Polish Camino

    (Having not checked the links LK posted above, so this may be duplicate) The Via Regia connects through central Poland to Gorlitz on the German border. And Forum member @SYates walked it, posting details, elsewhere on this Forum. I'll try to find the link.
  10. Kitsambler

    The Camino and discernment/insight/life decisions

    The "answers" and "guidance" I received was subtle, and truly only discernible at the remove of some time later. To insist on immediate answers is to make demands on the Divine, which is never a great plan. So, part of my tutelage was learning to listen to the silence.
  11. Kitsambler

    1 Hr time between flights doable in Madrid?

    You are assuming your international flight departs and arrives on time.
  12. Kitsambler

    What I Learned from Walking Alone

    ::scratching around for virtues not yet mentioned:: For me, many of the pleasures (and lessons) of a pilgrimage walk are quite subtle, and completely overwhelmed by the conversation, pace-matching, stop-matching, negotiation and compromise that necessarily accompany any travelling companion. The...
  13. Kitsambler

    The White Cross (Cross of Roldán)

    Very interesting! And this phenomenon was not confined to Spain. While walking from Geneva, a local guide explained that the ubiquitous cross-road crosses seen in rural France were erected because it was believed the witches met at these intersections.
  14. Kitsambler

    Your favorite camino hat!

    If you wear a full-brim hat with a hooded poncho, the rain falls on the front brim, follows the brim around to the back (inside your hood), and then trickles down the back of your neck (inside the poncho). Not good! Which is why the baseball-style (front brim only) hats work well for ponchos...
  15. Kitsambler

    Can anyone help me with transit times at CDG?

    August in France is always fraught. Layer post-Covid procedural transitions, staffing changes, etc on top. Add to that the unfortunate fact that trying to navigate CDG - even for French speakers - is quite the nightmare all by itself, because the signage assumes you already know where you're...