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  1. Kitsambler

    Pre-St. Jean Walking in France

    My blog! The section covering the Le Puy route starts here: https://kitsambler.wordpress.com/2010/09/03/packed-and-ready/
  2. Kitsambler

    Choosing day rest towns

    One of the issues on the Le Puy route is that the towns are spaced further apart than on the Camino Frances. So actually, taking a rest day is more feasible than taking shorter days (I averaged around 15 km/day and it would be tough, most days, to do less than that -- sometimes more is needed)...
  3. Kitsambler

    A left turn

    Keep us posted on the lodging situation you find in Germany, please. Even in normal years, Germany is more expensive (Gasthaus rather than pilgrim gite). A few monasteries offer lodging.
  4. Kitsambler

    COVID When will we go back to normal?

    "Normal" is a fiction, a projection based on our desire for certainty and our lack of tolerance for ambiguity. Compound that with "nothing lasts forever" (that would include both the "good" and the "bad"). What that really means is that the "normal" we thought we had (but didn't really, and...
  5. Kitsambler

    Accomodations from Carcassonne to Lourdes

    Speaking from experience on the Geneva route, and assuming the gite culture on the Geneva and Le Puy routes extends to the Carcasonne region: The French can be very accommodating, especially if your request is specific. Ask your host tonight to call ahead to confirm tomorrow night's lodging. If...
  6. Kitsambler

    Accomodation along Via Jacobi (Switzerland) 2020

    This is such a wonderful route and you will have a terrific experience! I can only speak to the pre-covid situation of previous years from personal experience. The Via Jacobi website has a downloadable lodging list, that includes both public accommodations, hiker refuges, and private homes. My...
  7. Kitsambler

    Is the Camino an addiction, an obsession or something else?

    Well, we could look at the facts and evidence. - Does the first experience tend to induce repeat experiences? - Are the repeat experiences associated with eager anticipation, sometimes for many months? - Does this anticipation involve many hours of thinking and dreaming about the upcoming...
  8. Kitsambler

    What the ......

    If you look in your "Sent" folder, you will probably find a copy.
  9. Kitsambler

    Trying to understand

    While acknowledging all the experiential factors cited above (and in some of my previous posts), lately I have been wondering if the underlying cause of the impact we commonly experience is basically neurological...
  10. Kitsambler

    The wild-west days of the camino

    The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit by Shirley MacLaine. Originally published in 2000, so her trip would have been in the 1990's. This is the work reputed to have set the English-speaking world on the pilgrim path. haven't read it myself, so can't comment further.
  11. Kitsambler

    Plan B and Beyond.

    Perhaps focusing on a route you can reach without an airplane would improve the likelihood of being able to execute your plan B. Also factor in the possibility of quarantine requirements either going in or coming out, or both. Otherwise, you'd need to develop Plan C in addition. (Of course, Plan...
  12. Kitsambler

    Ideas for equipment video

    I recommend several pieces by major equipment category, plus an overview that's focused on tailoring and weight management. Let me expand: - sleep options (sleeping bag liners, sleeping bags, mats); - pack options (various sizes, airworthiness, front-side options, auxiliary carriers aka bum...
  13. Kitsambler

    COVID Forum Members and COVID-19 Illness

    In places where there has been testing of the general population (Iceland, US and French aircraft carriers) about half of those testing positive are asymptomatic. Still spreading though - this stuff is insidious.
  14. Kitsambler

    COVID Asking the pope for extending Holy year to 2022?

    To me, Pope Francis has always appeared to be a very wise man. I'm hopeful he will do something. At this point, even the churches are not open. It's hard to imagine how contagious a full-on pilgrimage year might be. ::shudder::
  15. Kitsambler

    COVID 2020 Camino a possibility?

    From what I've seen in the (US) media so far, we can anticipate (at least) three competing trends: 1) The current wave of infections may wind up by mid-summer (in the northern hemisphere) 2) A second wave is anticipated at some point in the autumn 3) Borders may remain closed or quarantines...

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