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  1. Kitsambler

    Le Puy musings and plannings....

    No worries. With the strong local accent, even the Parisians have trouble. So do as the rest of us - ask the gite owner to phone ahead for you for the next night. They all speak the same accent, they all know each other, and they will know to ask about store closings, weather conditions, etc.
  2. Kitsambler

    Le Puy musings and plannings....

    It was a bit non-conversational in the evenings the first year I walked the Le Puy (Le Puy to Cahors). So the second year (Cahors to SJPP), (both years in September) I used MMD to book lodgings in advance that were indicated as "English-speaking". The thing is, other English speakers (ie...
  3. Kitsambler

    Le Puy musings and plannings....

    The average for demi-pension at gites on the Le Puy is EUR40. Add EUR5 for lunch groceries. Add EUR8 for daily luggage transport (if you really want, although it does not seem necessary to me). Makes about EUR 61 per day, or EUR793 (call it 800) for 13 days. Really. (Makes AusD 1280 at today's...
  4. Kitsambler

    Hoping to Walk Geneva to LePuy in Sept 2020

    I just finished the Geneva route in Oct; the iPhiGenie app is invaluable: has all the GR routes throughout France. The paid version has topo detail down to the 166m level.
  5. Kitsambler

    Rain, rain, rain in the forecast! Should I brave it?

    I use the Dark Sky app on iphone
  6. Kitsambler

    Hoping to Walk Geneva to LePuy in Sept 2020

    I finished the Geneva route just last month - daily details in my blog. Link below.
  7. Kitsambler

    How-to guide to the Le Puy route

    My French is poorer than yours, yet I've managed to walk solo in France for five years. About a quarter of the MMDD lodging listings indicate English spoken there. The English speakers (that would be the Swiss, the Germans, the Dutch ... everyone but the French) seek these out, so they fill up...
  8. Kitsambler

    How-to guide to the Le Puy route

    Nice piece! You've answered many of the questions that prospective Le Puy walkers ask repeatedly on this forum. I used the IPhiGenie app this year, the paid version which has detail down to the 166m scale. Absolutely invaluable and covers all the GR routes in France. Especially useful when, as...
  9. Kitsambler

    Where is the best place to access the Canal du Midi from the Arles Route?

    There is also a short canal section on the Le Puy route between Auvillar and Moissac (since you are planning to walk eastbound), most of one day's worth.
  10. Kitsambler

    Le Puy to Geneva

    On the Geneva route this year, I met a young woman doing exactly that. She said she had no trouble following the waymarks eastbound. I would make sure to have the route-mapping set up on your smartphone, either with iPhiGenie or another app. The usual advice about walking in France also applies...
  11. Kitsambler

    Rain, rain, rain in the forecast! Should I brave it?

    "Showers" only means some parts will get some rain during the day. It does not mean that everywhere will get a day-long downpour. The forecast looks like one major system, and two minor systems, each followed by several days of unsettled weather. (I'm from Seattle - we learn how to read the rain...
  12. Kitsambler

    Planning to walk the Caminos Arles, Aragonès & Le Puy

    In addition to the weather schedule, do pull out the calendar for Holy Week/Easter, and the French holidays in May (May Day, V-E Day, Whitsunday) which become long weekends with many walkers on the Le Puy route.
  13. Kitsambler

    A week between Cahors and SJPP - where would you choose?

    Navarrenx to SJPP is about a week and runs along the foothills. The section around Aire sur 'Ador is forgettable.
  14. Kitsambler

    Way Markers

    The Arles route, and all the other GR long-distance routes in France, are carefully marked on the IPhiGenie app, showing route and topo at very good scale.
  15. Kitsambler

    Another Pilgrimage

    On the Geneva route, when it was new, there was also a lodging issue. So the pilgrim association set up a system of private homes with spare rooms. The association route guide gives the phone but not the physical or email address. Might that scheme work as well for Wales?

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