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    Klogwog reacted to Faye Walker's post in the thread e bikes ? with Like Like.
    Thoughts? Leave it alone and leave it to the camino and the allergies who accept cyclists to think about. I've seen so very very few cyclists ever lined up for a Compostela that I don't think it is worth worrying about. The allergies that do...
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    Klogwog reacted to Anna Sar's post in the thread Camino Le Puy video with Like Like.
    Hi All. Winter is coming and I have just managed to finish a video summary of my Le Puy Camino walked in September 2019. Le Puy to Cahors Section with Valle Cele variant. I tried to keep it short and dynamic. It is a series of videos of around...
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    Klogwog reacted to jsalt's post in the thread Compostelas for Dummies with Like Like.
    Oh dear, this Dummy needs a few more steps . . . Step 1: “There is a placard with a QR code outside the front door of the office. Scan it with your phone” . . . Hmmm, how do I do that? Ask Mr Google . . . . He says: Long press the Home Button...
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    Klogwog reacted to Kathar1na's post in the thread Compostelas for Dummies with Like Like.
    @t2andreo who currently volunteers at the Pilgrims Office described it in post #32 of this thread. Just scroll back by six posts: the guard gives you a paper form; you fill it out with your own pen; you get a paper ticket with a number on it...
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    Klogwog reacted to JabbaPapa's post in the thread Compostelas for Dummies with Like Like.
    I have a Windows Phone. No go. And given the sad death of the Emperion Nebulus project, if this one dies on me, I'm seriously considering replacing it with a Linux phone. Also no go. No -- I think I'll stick with my Credencial cheers, and my...
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    I thought I had a creative option for you, but the case failed. Whilst I feel your frustration, very many of us have been round the plan- book-cancel loop many times in...
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    I was born in 1946, do the math. I had an airline voucher from TAP from my cancelled trip in 2020, it had to used by early 2022 I booked my flights from Miami to Bilbao and then had a heart attack, then heart failure and had to get a Pacemaker...
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    Honestly, if you give yourself TIME and if you are FLEXIBLE, you don't have to do much planning. Even when it's busy, I've found if I arrive in a village by 2pm, I get a bed. In the rare case the albergue is COMPLETO, I simply give myself the...
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    I am also giving it a rest. I just can't wrap my head around reserving accommodations ahead and dealing with the hassles of the Covid situation. I did check airfares, and they are very cheap for this fall. But, I am not going. I don't know when I...
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    Give it a rest. There’s more to life than walking in Spain and we’re pretty much all in the same boat.