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    COVID Spain health website

    I checked the French health website yesterday which stated that France has dropped all previous Covid requirements for entry
  2. Kobe

    Walking Sticks! (yes, i know)

    Wonderful. thanks for your replies.
  3. Kobe

    Walking Sticks! (yes, i know)

    Sorry for the confusion. I was asking how to transport poles as checked baggage from Santiago. I have access to mailing tubes and such at home but plan to dispose of those in Paris. I’m wondering how folks enclose their poles in an acceptable manner so as to be able to transport them home from...
  4. Kobe

    Walking Sticks! (yes, i know)

    Yes. Poles would not be allowed in the cabin. I was referring to transporting them as checked baggage. Are you saying that Santiago allows them to be checked “naked?”
  5. Kobe

    Walking Sticks! (yes, i know)

    Yes, another hiking pole question... I understand that one cannot check poles on flights out of Santiago. I plan to transport them using a disposable mailing tube as a checked bag on the flight to Paris. I am wondering how folks manage to bring their poles home? Also, when training for the...
  6. Kobe

    Increasing protein consumption

    This resource is trés valuable - thanks for sharing! Perhaps most valuable is his recommendation for a recovery snack eaten within 15-30 minutes upon arrival that will offer long-term endurance over the course of one's trek. He recommends eating something that roughly provides carbohydrates and...
  7. Kobe

    Needing a livestock refresher course

    The bull in the blog was an "interested" bull, head up, ears facing item of interest. Menacing bulls will lower their heads, pin their ears down or back and may snort/stomp. Regardless, it is wise to follow all of the words of caution offered here. I offer this to possibly alleviate a few...
  8. Kobe

    Camino movies!

    Terrific - thanks very much!
  9. Kobe

    pills, pills, and more pills

    Wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing the logistics for sending a bag forward? I assume you mean to have items you will use later in the trip to be waiting for you when you are further along the camino. Thanks!
  10. Kobe

    Camino movies!

    Does anyone have an idea where the French lyrics to this song can be found/printed?
  11. Kobe

    Questions from a cell phone idiot

    Thought I would share my new-found phone/usage/plan knowledge gained over several hours today. T-Mobile is a company based in Germany. They are currently offering a 55+ Magenta Max plan for $90/mo for 2 lines. This includes a generous trade-in plan where I could exchange my iPhone 7 for an...
  12. Kobe

    LIVE from the Camino Ethics Question -- to walk or not to walk?

    The title here is "Ethics Question." Ethics connote questions of what is appropriate. You and your wife are on a spiritual journey and choices of your personal path/modes of transportation on the Camino are specific to your individual needs. There is no single appropriate pathway/method to...
  13. Kobe

    LIVE from the Camino Limoges to Santiago; experiences and thoughts

    Thanks for your photos! I will be embarking on my Camino in September and your photos inspire anticipation. I have had issues with muscle tightness as I am now training for the trek. I've read that we need to stretch everything connected from the top of our heads to our plantar fascia to keep...
  14. Kobe

    LIVE from the Camino Limoges to Santiago; experiences and thoughts

    Yes - that is always a bit problematic. On a cultural note, it is considered customary to always greet a shopkeeper or innkeeper, upon entry to the building, with "Bonjuour Madame (or Monsieur)," with emphasis on the need for using the gender title. One can also offer "Comment allez-vous?" with...
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