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Recent content by Mark T17

  1. Mark T17

    Will We reach 'Peak Pilgrim' soon? On the Frances Route.

    I'm currently researching another Camino in 2022 and hopefully the PCT sometime after that. There's no way I would want to be in Spain during 2021 trying to do any Camino. It seems like a large proportion of the pilgrimage/hiking community enjoys camping, so to manage the crowds, perhaps Spain...
  2. Mark T17

    Beach Swimming on the Norte - Months?

    Thanks both, I think I'm going to settle on May/June Norte-Primitivo combo, a September camino doesn't fit into my work and personal commitments, so I'll see what happens. The Pilgrims Office is releasing statistics again, so I'm going to crunch some numbers to avoid the crowds.
  3. Mark T17

    Beach Swimming on the Norte - Months?

    Thanks, more great advice! I used to be a life guard in Australia, so I know my limits. I've seen a lot of beaches around the world, so I wanted the Norte to be more than just a walk and I was hoping to take a swim when an opportunity presented itself.
  4. Mark T17

    Beach Swimming on the Norte - Months?

    Thanks Jan, great advice !
  5. Mark T17

    Beach Swimming on the Norte - Months?

    Hi all, I'm thinking about starting the Norte in Irun and turning onto the Primitivo in May/June. I like the idea of swimming on the beaches at the end of a day and then venturing into the mountains to Santiago. But am I going to be able to swim in May/June? I'd like to avoid the crowds in...
  6. Mark T17

    How is the Primitivo in October?

    I'm interested in this thread as well, I'm planning the same combo for May/June 2022 because I experienced the Frances in September and May/June seems to be greener and less rain on the coast.
  7. Mark T17

    LIVE from the Camino Our Vegemite only lasted 1400km

    You're not using enough! Mine only lasted 800km.
  8. Mark T17

    Camino del Norte - 50 days from May 1st 2019

    Sorry one more thing, 50 days seems like a fairly relaxed pace. Did you have many rest days? What were your average km per day?
  9. Mark T17

    Camino del Norte - 50 days from May 1st 2019

    Hi Nick, I'm planning a similar pilgrimage in 2022, but diverting via the Primitivo. Did you consider taking the Primitivo route? Why did you prefer to stay on the Norte route? Thanks M
  10. Mark T17

    Etiquette for shared paths

    Hi all, I realise this issue has been flogged to death on this forum, but if I may express a minority view as one who has biked the Camino Frances. I think its important to distinguish between the bicigrinos who are carrying panniers on the back of the bike, doing the pilgrimage and battling...
  11. Mark T17

    Is there any elitism between pilgrims taking different routes?

    Wow what a thread. I think anybody who has done any camino can return to their daily life with a sense of accomplishment and quiet confidence due to the personal journey and experience of self reflexion. I feel equally amazed by a person in a wheel chair who travels 100Km from Sarria, the 70...
  12. Mark T17

    Is the camino del Norte in August a terrible idea?

    Hi Andy, I'm planning on doing the Norte and Primitivo combo in 2022. Have you written a report on this forum or can you give us some words of wisdom? I'm planning on walking in May/June because it fits in better with work. Any thoughts? Thanks M
  13. Mark T17

    I probably won’t do this again

    May I prescribe a simple fix: walk 25km/ride 50km a day, drink vino tinto and insert silicon ear plugs at night. I never heard a thing, woke up at 7am and didn't even know most of the early risers had already left.
  14. Mark T17

    Is this a sign?

    Hi Telboyo, interesting read, its not often you see a negative post on this forum but I did relate to your story and we probably have a similar history and experience on the Camino. I spent over 10 years in a Police Force in Australia, so nothing in life really surprises me anymore. In 2017 I...
  15. Mark T17

    Running the Camino

    I love running and have completed a few half marathons over reasonably flat terrain, but if you start in SJPDP then you need to average more than 60km per day. I did it in 12 days on a bike when I was afforded the luxury of coasting down a few hills, I cant imagine what it would be like to run...