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Recent content by Michael-FL

  1. Michael-FL

    What was the thing you were most happy to lose on the Camino?

    My dear wife had younger onset Alzheimer’s. My daughters gave me a huge gift of their time, offering to care for their Mom and told me to go on Camino. At least for the time I was on the Camino, I was able to “lose” my cares and worries as a caregiver and renew myself so that I could come home...
  2. Michael-FL

    COVID Porto Update?

    Sadly, I’ve written off any hope for any Way of the Camino in 2021 -and this was after cancelling for 2020. This was supposed to be a memorial walk for my dear wife whom I lost at the beginning of last year. Good luck Sarah, and just for right now plan and dream for when it will be safe to go.
  3. Michael-FL

    Update and farewell to Albergue Villares de Orbigo

    I know this must be disappointing for you. Year 2020 has been an awful year for many people on many levels. It has been for me as well. It seems the catch phrase for 2020 is “but then COVID happened.” Let’s all hope and pray 2021 will be better. Blessings to you and congratulations on your first...
  4. Michael-FL

    Today would have been my first day on the camino.

    Thank you Lexi. I’m not the only one. I know there are many people who have planned for and dreamed of going on the Camino for years only to see their hopes dashed. This is so much more than the average holiday. It is truly a pilgrimage. When we all finally get to go I know how much more...
  5. Michael-FL

    Today would have been my first day on the camino.

    I am with you, Rafiki, I just can’t do stationary bikes and treadmills. Too boring. Fortunately it’s a lot more permissive in Florida. I have been able to either hike 15 Km, run 10-12 Km or bike 50 Km on the trails and country roads - all while keeping social distancing. If I didn’t have that I...
  6. Michael-FL

    Today would have been my first day on the camino.

    Thanks Rafikiphoto. Funny, I’ve been working on my bike too, as part of my coping with the isolation, but I plan to walk the Camino rather than ride. Being avid cyclist, I think I would like to bike at least a portion of a future Camino at some point.
  7. Michael-FL

    Today would have been my first day on the camino.

    I share your disappointment. Today would have been my last day in Santiago after six weeks on the Camino Frances. It was supposed to mark the end of a chapter in my life, having just lost my dear wife and a new beginning. I am determined to go whenever we get the “all clear” and the...
  8. Michael-FL

    Remembering With Gratitude...

    Thanks, Heather. It was a loss, but minor compared to those who have lost loved ones, who live along the Camino and on which their livelihoods depend. My loss is that I planned to walk the Frances from SJPdP to SdC in memory of my dear wife who passed away on the 1st of this year. It was...
  9. Michael-FL

    Fun With a Poncho. . . multitasking

    All stuff I learned as a Boy Scout
  10. Michael-FL

    Portugal set to begin reopening!

    Enjoy you retirement in Portugal. Early in my career my family and I thoroughly enjoyed our overseas posting there. Like you, I was just a day or two short of starting my trek from SJPdP as a memorial to my dear wife who passed away four months ago. Relating to your encounter with the young...
  11. Michael-FL

    Hi Ivar. Really enjoyed the Zoom meeting today. Thank you for coordinating. As mentioned on the...

    Hi Ivar. Really enjoyed the Zoom meeting today. Thank you for coordinating. As mentioned on the call, just wondering as a future topic we could cover phones, internet, Wi-Fi on the Camino. Possibly another topic might be banking? Cheers, Mike
  12. Michael-FL

    COVID Postponing Our Flights

    Can you get a refund? My flights were cancelled and my carrier offered a refund. I won’t plan to rebook until we get an “all clear”.
  13. Michael-FL

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    With my original plan to walk the CF next month (now dashed) I’ve been doing my own “Camino Boot Camp”, mixing it up with hikes with a dummy-weighted pack, 25 mile rides on my road bike, 7 mile runs and weight training. Despite the disappointment of cancelling, still keeping up the routine in...
  14. Michael-FL

    Camino Frances April-May 2020

    Cheers, Andy, for your kind words. I can only speak for myself in saying I remain optimistic, but am keeping my ear to the ground to discern how all this COVID-19 hysteria goes. Family members think I’m nuts, as I tell them I'm in a ‘wait and see‘ mode on my decision to go. We shall see. Buen Camino
  15. Michael-FL

    Camino Frances April-May 2020

    Thanks Jim, I’m calling it “Cathy’s Camino” in her memory. I hope to take Route de Napoleon and make it all the way to Roncesvalles. I’m no slouch myself and run/road bike/swim/weight train on a daily basis. So don’t sell yourself short. You’re doing better than the average 65 year old. Maybe...