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  1. MinaKamina

    COVID Humor in times of Covid-19 (round 2)

    Translated: Probability that by next April 12 the lockdown will be over [red] nil [blue] nil but in blue
  2. MinaKamina

    COVID Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    September may be fine. Fingers crossed:
  3. MinaKamina

    Primitivo with a dog?

    Hiya, will you be travelling from Sweden? And how will you do that, by train or by plane? You will need a box on your way to and from the Camino, how are you going to oganize that? As for food, does your dog adjust well to different brands aka what is available? Or does he need special food and...
  4. MinaKamina

    Caminho with my dog

    I found what looks like part of the checklist: Having the budget to cover emergencies goes without saying.... 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶
  5. MinaKamina

    Caminho with my dog

    Another website that may be of use to you is http://www.caminoconmiperro.com/ They offer a lot of information on how to prepare for the perregrino and they urge everyone to make an honest analysis of what you dog is capable of. Basically, you plan your camino around the needs of the dog and...
  6. MinaKamina

    Caminho with my dog

    Hi Cintia, since you are from Portugal, perhaps the best option would be to ask a friend to pick you and your dog up by car? Or else, walk back from Santiago to Fisterra and the along the coast to Portugal. APACA has lots of info about doing the caminos with dogs or another pet, link here...
  7. MinaKamina

    LIVE from the Camino Snow. Primitivo Yay or Nay?

    there are of course pilgrims who walked a winter camino through ice and snow. they have the pictures to prove it. but most of them did not start during a heatwave 😇 😇 I would have been home long ago if I had to endure what you have gone through *respect* stay safe, stay warm and enjoy the ride!
  8. MinaKamina

    LIVE from the Camino Snow. Primitivo Yay or Nay?

    the bus is your friend, you know that already :) take the bus to where the sun keeps shining and where the weather suits your clothes. it is no use to walk where you can't. and please don't sleep in your tent in these conditions, unless you have a bivvy bag (and you don't).
  9. MinaKamina

    One amazing day on Camino dos Faros/Costa da Morte!

    I've said it before and will probably say it again: I do not have a bucket list, but the Camino dos Faros is on it. The pictures are wonderful, an amazing world in one day.
  10. MinaKamina

    What to do with my 5 extra days after Porto to Santiago?

    Allow yourself an extrar day in Porto, at the start, and take the Linha do Douro, the train along the Douro river. https://porto-north-portugal.com/porto-guide/linha-do-douro-train-railway.html
  11. MinaKamina

    What to do with aggressive dogs

    And show your teeth (make sure your teeth are in your mouth, else it won't be effective.)
  12. MinaKamina

    The Longest Possible Walk in the World

    if you don't insist on walking the longest possible walk, but you would like to walk in Siberia, the Siberian Times (in english) may be your place to start: @siberian_times (Twitter) http://siberiantimes.com/home/ (website) Fot those who love leopard spotting, there is an Amur leopard in this...
  13. MinaKamina

    Camino markers/signs

    Or make your own. The design of this marker is pretty simple and working with wet concrete is very similar to pouring cookie dough or chocolate. The taste, however, is different and not worth a try.
  14. MinaKamina

    LIVE from the Camino Graffiti idiots staying in Portomarin tonight?

    Could be a family with children. Germans, or German speaking. Parents Konrad and Barbara, kids Lorie and Nico. Nico might be a girl btw, short for Nicole.
  15. MinaKamina

    RIP @Dorpie (Rob)

    So very sad. My condolences to family and friends. May pilgrim Rob rest in peace and rise in glory.

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