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Recent content by minaleigh

  1. minaleigh

    Arriving in Oviedo around 7 pm on June 6th

    Thank you for all the replies! I think I will end up booking something. With having less than two hours between arriving and when they close the reception (according to Gronze), I don't want to risk not making it to the municipal. You've all been a great help!
  2. minaleigh

    Arriving in Oviedo around 7 pm on June 6th

    I stated what time I was arriving in the thread headline.
  3. minaleigh

    Arriving in Oviedo around 7 pm on June 6th

    Hello, my friend and I completed the Camino Frances in 2016 and now we're tackling the Primitivo. I'm a bit anxious at arriving so "late" in Oviedo and possibly not being able to get beds at the cheaper accommodations. Should I book us two beds to guarantee it, or take our chances? Everything I...
  4. minaleigh

    Burgos River Way PDF

    It probably took us closer to two hours. The 1 hour and 5 minute estimation isn't from the beginning of the PDF all the way into Burgos. It's just showing which route to take between the first two towns.
  5. minaleigh

    Let's talk weight... BODY weight

    I started around 189 pounds. I didn't really check my weight right before leaving so this is just a guess. I came back at 167, though I couldn't weight myself until a few days after arriving home. So I lost 22 pounds, or 10 kilos exact. My legs were definitely more toned! My arms felt better as...
  6. minaleigh

    Walking from SJPDP to Roncesvalles around 10 in the morning. Would it be too late?

    I had this issue as well. I emailed them, in English, with a date and request to reserve two beds on the 30th of May. They replied in Spanish, which luckily I can read. Even with that, I couldn't understand what they wanted me to do. I don't know how I would transfer funds to their bank account...
  7. minaleigh

    Bed situation Ponferrada to Santiago "Just fine"

    Same here. We leave from Roncesvalles on May 31st, and I'm getting nervous because of the posts about crowds... But there is literally no other time my friend and I can go.
  8. minaleigh

    Getting worried about a June Camino

    I am arriving in Madrid on May 25th. My friend is teaching English in Avila, so we are leaving after his school year is over. We'll be touring Madrid, Toledo, and Salamanca and then we'll start the Camino from Roncesvalles on May 31st. After reading different threads on here, I'm getting nervous...
  9. minaleigh

    Carry-on Size

    Thank you! After rearranging my bag a bit, it looks a lot less bulky. Thanks everyone for the reassurance. Like I said, I've never taken anything bigger than a school backpack, so something this "big" made me unsure.
  10. minaleigh

    Carry-on Size

    I bought a travel-sized bottle for sunscreen. It is 100mL or about 3.4 oz. Everything else I have is less or in solid form. I bought BodyGlide, which looks like a deodorant stick, for chaffing and blister prevention. It is 1.5 oz, but it shouldn't really matter because it's a solid, not a...
  11. minaleigh

    Comment by 'minaleigh' in media 'Day 2 of Vdlp 2016'

  12. minaleigh

    Carry-on Size

    Thank you! I know it's kind of a ridiculous worry. It was just something that popped into my head as I was packing and repacking my bag.
  13. minaleigh

    Yet Another Packing List!

    I was thinking of bringing my old glasses as a backup since my prescription is so strong that I don't think any of the glasses at a store would help. My friends make fun of my relative blindness whenever they try on my glasses! I mean, I've had these for four years (the eye doctor couldn't give...
  14. minaleigh

    Carry-on Size

    Yeah, I'm currently going through my packing list to see what I can get rid of. My 33L isn't full. There's probably about 20% room left in it. It's just that I'm worried it'll look "bulky" to a TSA agent. I think it helped when I tightened the compression straps, as they got rid of excess air in...
  15. minaleigh

    Carry-on Size

    I've already bought this pack from a local store several months ago. I can't afford to just buy another $100 pack. I appreciate the suggestion, but "just go smaller" isn't feasible for me.