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Recent content by Moorwalker

  1. Moorwalker

    What goes on in the mind of an octopus?

    I'm an omnivore, but I am uncomfortable with eating octopus because they clearly have a fair level of intelligence and possibly (difficult to prove) self awareness.
  2. Moorwalker

    Uproar over the renovations of San Marcos (the parador in León)

    So instead they make it a fake and industrialised version that sits very uncomfortably with the fabric of the building. Personally I strongly dislike the fashion for plonking a modern design on top of a clearly old and historic building. It is perfectly possible to produce a design which is in...
  3. Moorwalker

    Preventing Black Toe ?

    The bruising at the base of the nail bed there shows clearly that your toes were bumping the front of your shoes, and probably that your nails had been allowed to grow too long.
  4. Moorwalker

    Preventing Black Toe ?

    Bruised toenails happen for several reasons but they nearly all come down to your toe bumping against the front of the shoe or else pressure from the top of the shoe. First of all, keep your toenails clipped properly, ask a podiatrist or someone experienced in doing pedicures to show you, and...
  5. Moorwalker

    Perfect shirt for non-walking spouses

    No it isn't fair, but more to the point it's playing into the conventional sexist claptrap. I have spent my entire adult life fighting sexism, both overt and unthinking, and I am tired of seeing the same old sexist stuff still turning up. Women still earn less than men in most places around the...
  6. Moorwalker

    To Those of you with New Hips

    The rehab exercises are critical. It hurts and it's hard work but the better you stick to the rehab programme the better final result you get. A friend who is a physiotherapist says that shse can tell right from the start who will get a good result and who won't by the way they work or don't at...
  7. Moorwalker

    To Those of you with New Hips

    Knees take a lot longer than hips to come properly right unfortunately. Thre is a lot more damage done to the ligaments and it's those which take the time to repair and get back to good strength. Mine as functional around 6 months afterwards, but it took a year before it really felt good. Do the...
  8. Moorwalker

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    It's all good so it doesn't help at all with deciding which route to walk.
  9. Moorwalker

    Walk and knit - Camino Frances

    Those socks have a standard short row heel and unless you are very careful they tend to get a gap where you show. I prefer to do a heel flap, then a short row turn, then when you pick back up along the edge of the flap you are much less likely to get gaps. I play recorders in a Renaissance...
  10. Moorwalker

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    Someone keeps records of what foot wear people use on the Appalachian Trail in the USA and there is no difference in the number of ankle injuries between those who wear trail runners and those who wear low boots. For ankle protection you need a proper high boot.
  11. Moorwalker

    Dealing with ticks in inaccessible places (on the body not the Camino)

    Please don't. Don't use any chemical method to make the tick let go. All of them cause the tick to vomit its stomach contents into your skin.
  12. Moorwalker

    Dealing with ticks in inaccessible places (on the body not the Camino)

    Many people use vaseline, oil, essential oils and a variety of other things to persuade ticks to let go. The trouble is that makes them disgorge their stomach contents into your skin and increases the risk of you getting some kind of infection. using heat has the same effect. Twisting it has...
  13. Moorwalker

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    For me, boots are far too heavy and uncomfortable, I only use them in really bad winter conditions. My shoes of choice have been Innov8 trail runners but sadly they have changed their cut and the latest ones are too narrow. So most of the time I walk in sandals. It's very much personal choice...
  14. Moorwalker

    Dealing with ticks in inaccessible places (on the body not the Camino)

    The problem with all of the methods that cause the ticks to "let go" aldso make them disgorge their stomach contents first, straight into your skin, and so greatly increasing the risk that you will be infected with anything they are carrying. Allergy is another risk, all essential oils are...