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  1. MyDestinationGalicia

    Live - Introduction and Q&A on the Caminho da Geira e dos Arrieiros

    Thanks for the comprehensive reply. It's much appreciated. Yes Abdon is a good buddy and as you know is a great ambassador for the Geira. Yes there's "bronca" between some of the parties involved. I've already told them that I'm not taking any sides. I just want to help pilgrims and avoid any...
  2. MyDestinationGalicia

    Live - Introduction and Q&A on the Caminho da Geira e dos Arrieiros

    Hi Nick and Wendy and all those interested in this Camino. Thanks for disseminating so much useful information and sharing your experiences. I recently moved to the village of Esposende (Cenlle) near Ribadavia and live close to the Iglesia de Santiago. I've started promoting this route too and...
  3. MyDestinationGalicia

    Signaling in Vigo

    There is some signage that helps guide pilgrims entering and leaving the city but I agree is far from adequate. I can recommend the maps Luis Freixo has prepared as you can download in various formats like pdf,wikiloc,google maps etc. If you use you willl not get lost when in Vigo! Link is...
  4. MyDestinationGalicia

    Feature in Guardian about Camino da Geira

    Yes that's right ever since the 11th Century they have been exporting wine from Ribeiro (documented that from Gomariz the wine was transported using mules to Pontevedra, Baiona, Redondela etc via the Ports to UK and elsewhere). The Braga Camino is an important, historical route,an alternative...
  5. MyDestinationGalicia

    Information on Barcelona to Montserrat

    That sounds like a brave and cunning plan, I'm very envious..Previous comments have all been spot on so I'll just add my penny worths of advice..I love walking out of Barcelona to San Cugat and on to Montserrat and its easy to do (well there is a short but steep climb rewarded by excellent views...
  6. MyDestinationGalicia

    Feature in Guardian about Camino da Geira

    Yes I've got both the English Guide which is a bit basic and the maps are real simple but for now it's better than nothing and the heritage Guide which is excellent as it's got a great list of heritage sites that you pass with photos. I got mine in person from @Carlos da Barreira.
  7. MyDestinationGalicia

    Feature in Guardian about Camino da Geira

    It sure is..check these videos that have just been issued :
  8. MyDestinationGalicia

    Feature in Guardian about Camino da Geira

    The Guardian just published a short article of their readers Top 10 places to visit in Portugal and the winning tip is the Geira Way which they describe as the "walk to Spain on a roman road "! "If you want something out of the ordinary with fantastic scenery and fascinating history, then go to...
  9. MyDestinationGalicia

    Barcelona - Santiago

    I know the pilgrims Association based in Barcelona. They have a list of all the Albergues on the route. Please consult their website (in Spanish and Catalan)
  10. MyDestinationGalicia

    LIVE from the Camino Buddhist monk en route

    My favourite resource is the Blog of Luis Freixo who has Maps of all the Portuguese routes including the coastal routes see Bo caminho
  11. MyDestinationGalicia

    Video/Pocast Pasos del Camino Facebook Page Interviews with Pilgrims

    Guiherme Ribeiro has a wonderful social media site called Pasos del Camino on Facebook. He posts his interviews with international pilgrims sometimes in Spanish or Portuguese or as in my case in English. Here's a link to his most recent interview talking about my experiences on the Camino de...
  12. MyDestinationGalicia

    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    The Ways of Geira Arrieiros and Camino Miñoto Ribeiro : From Braga to Santiago de Compostela
  13. MyDestinationGalicia

    Porto area options

    Braga is one of my favourite cities. It's also the starting point of a beautiful Camino to Santiago well there's actually 4 routes and they are called Camino Miñoto Ribeiro and Camino Geira Romana o dos Arrieros.
  14. MyDestinationGalicia

    A New Map - More routes to Santiago and across Spain than ever before.

    Thanks for update Michael. Yep likewise it's been a tough year for us who try to make a living promoting the Camino. Is your update available digitally so I can minupulate and print off? Or in the future can you provide a digital format?
  15. MyDestinationGalicia

    Help with a Portuguese camino —Geira, Interior or Zamorano?

    Yes some good choices here thanks for sharing. I know the owner of Caracas in Ribabavia vey well, Manolo. Their menu del dia is excellent and his house wine too as he makes it himself like most of the food including the pork! Fanatical Real Madrid fan and he's really poular in the town as he...