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Ninja's latest activity

  • Ninja
    Ninja reacted to davebugg's post in the thread Video: 5 Camino Tips with Sara Dhooma with Like Like.
    It was fun to watch you and Sara talk about Camino tips. Sara has a great knowledge base wrapped up in a box full of common sense, and tied together with a big, bright bow of sensibility. 👍👍
  • Ninja
    Ninja reacted to Robo's post in the thread Video: 5 Camino Tips with Sara Dhooma with Like Like.
    I chat again this week with @Sara_Dhooma about her 5 Top Camino tips. Sara has walked over a dozen Caminos to date.
  • Ninja
    Love windy! Use it to suss out what the weather is doing on the large scale and its very usefull I use radarscope for when it counts here in the states. Its a paid app and not really user friendly enough to use in a tight spot,thats what the...
  • Ninja
    For realtime conditions, and modelled expectations for the next days, I rely on Windy. It's a fantastic app (or you can access it in a browser window, of course). Here are rain condions now, giving.a sense of what you see. If from the app you...
  • Ninja : as a sailor a use it on a daily basis, and is pretty reliable and acurate. BUT, only useful if you're walking near the coast🤷‍♂️ (Camino del Norte,...)
  • Ninja
    Ninja reacted to Rick M's post in the thread Weather information for Spain and Portugal with Like Like. is my go-to for understanding what to expect. The data there can be a little bit puzzling out of context, so the FIRST location you should look up and study is your own home town. After you know what the real weather is where you...
  • Ninja
    Since I am still not expecting to be on the Camino soon, I'm trying to do useful things with my time here on the forum. I would like to create the ultimate weather thread - to be linked to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) series. When people...
  • Ninja
    Another realtime weather condition App is the Norwegian YR It’s like looking out of the window all day as you scroll sideways … you will see clouds if any, and the sunrise and its position on the sky throughout the day. If it rains it will rain...
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  • Ninja
    [This post is written on behalf of the moderator team.] Edited 2021-06-02: This list of links below has been re-ordered. A note was added (to link #1 below) about the Re-open EU app. A new link (#3) has been added for the Spanish Tourism...
  • Ninja
    Day 2. Güeñes to Nava de Ordunte (22.5) or Villasana de Mena (27.5) If you’ve slept in Güeñes, you will go through several good sized towns. Zalla at 4 km, (nice looking rural hotel) and Balmaseda is 5 km beyond that. Balmaseda has a very...