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  1. NJohn

    Outdoor industry reveal new backpack volume standard

    Hey! I like Pabst! So offended. 😉...not. My daughter makes so much fun of me for drinking it. To be honest, I prefer wine. For this exercise, it’s good to know the wine industry now has cans of wine to be used to measure backpacks.
  2. NJohn

    Packing hack and List for the VDLP March/April

    Can I ask which 28L bag you bought? I have a Kelty 28L, but it lacks compartments like the top one (what someone described to me as the ‘brain’) and load adjuster straps. I’m having a hard time making it feel comfortable with everything in it. Thanks!
  3. NJohn

    Silk Liner Feedback?

    Following this thread closely. Our Camino (CF) is planned for mid-September through October. We have silk liners but I’m wonder if that’s enough? We have been looking at jungle blankets but haven’t committed to those yet. In my research I came across these micro blankets that are used more as...
  4. NJohn

    American pilgrims may be interested in this page...

    My husband and I appreciate the resources the Colorado chapter has provided and continues to provide. We’re looking forward to the shell ceremony next Saturday. Thanks for all you do! And while I’m at it, thank you to all the many volunteers, the Hospitalero’s and Ivar and this great...
  5. NJohn

    FREE copy of 'Ego Trip' - a book about the Camino Francés

    Just got it downloaded. Thank you so much @Paul McG
  6. NJohn

    Ok, I have to ask....

    OTT is usually “over the top” but for this group if could mean “on the trail”. Can’t figure out the non bad word version for FFS ?
  7. NJohn

    Ok, I have to ask....

    I’m sure many of you have seen this:
  8. NJohn

    Pilgrim Routes within UK and Ireland

    That sounds wonderful! We are scheduled to stay in Painswick on Saturday, the 3rd of August. Are you on WhatsApp by chance? Maybe we could get in touch that way
  9. NJohn

    Pilgrim Routes within UK and Ireland

    I know this post is a few years old but I was so happy to find it. We are heading out at the end of this month to do the Cotswold Way. We did the Coast to Coast last August; the result was my newfound love for long distance walking (hiking) with a goal to do the CF in 2020. I think England is...
  10. NJohn

    Camino Budget Planner - Feedback

    Love that idea! I will definitely be visiting your blog (again) soon to download ! Thank you!
  11. NJohn

    two pairs of shoes vs one pair

    Hiker’s Goo https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008RCIPH8/?tag=casaivar02-20
  12. NJohn

    What’s on your playlist?

    Thank you - this is a great list as well!
  13. NJohn

    What’s on your playlist?

    Thank you so much! I will definitely look for this - I have several pieces of meditative kind of music, but have not heard this.
  14. NJohn

    What’s on your playlist?

    This is fabulous! Thank you!
  15. NJohn

    What’s on your playlist?

    Thank you all - there are many great suggestions here. I knew when I posted that I would get comments about not listening to anything but your surroundings and I agree- those sounds can be the most beautiful. Plus, you’re available to visit with your walking companions and meet new people. The...