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  1. Old Kiwi

    What I’ve learned from 8 days on El Camino

    For me, the industrial area on the way out of Leon is just another part of the Camino. I don't skip bits just because they don't look nice. A pilgrimage is a pilgrimage for me, not a tourist trail. I am old and set in my ways and the only way I can walk a Camino is all of the way from start to...
  2. Old Kiwi


    I have never booked accommodation on the Frances. I am poor, so I always travel as cheap as I can. I always stay in the cheapest albergue I can find. So long as I have somewhere to sleep, that is all I worry about and that is also where you will find the most interesting people. I leave the...
  3. Old Kiwi

    Sink plugs?

    I carry a universal sink plug. Nine out of ten places do not have plugs. I have lent it to a great number of pilgrims to wash their clothes. I have had this plug for over 20 years and used it many hundreds of times. It was $3.50 well spent.
  4. Old Kiwi

    Ingenious (to me) water bottle solution : )

    I get an empty baked beans can, take the label off and put it in the mesh side pocket of my pack where you would normally put your drink bottle. My 500ml water bottle fits loosely in there. The silver tin reflects the heat to some degree and the gap between the tin and the bottle allows air...
  5. Old Kiwi

    To shave or not to shave

    I had a full beard for forty years but had to shave it off when I had my heart bypass. Hence the photo to the left., but I started growing it again the next day. Obviously I don't shave on Camino. I convinced friends going on a Camino to grow a beard just past the scruffy stage before starting...
  6. Old Kiwi

    For coffee addicts that like to walk early

    I always leave the albergue at 6am and I am quite happy to walk an hour or two to get to a bar for my morning coffee and potato omelette.
  7. Old Kiwi

    Finisterre Credential

    On my last Camino in 2019, I walked from SJPDP to Santiago and got my Compostella at the Pilgrim Office. I then walked on to Muxia and received another certificate which was headed "Muxia, Fin Da Ruta Xacobea". This was obtained from the place I stayed. I can not remember the name of the place...
  8. Old Kiwi

    How much route planning is actually needed?

    Hello Alexwalker. I don't know what you call and "Old man". I am 79 and did five days of 35k or so.
  9. Old Kiwi

    How much route planning is actually needed?

    I love to plan things in detail, but when it comes to Caminos the only things I plan is transport there and back and the first night's accommodation. I never plan the actual Camino. The way I look at it is that if you plan all of your accommodation and what you want to see on the way, then it...
  10. Old Kiwi

    Footwear on the plane

    Like Marbe2 I always reserve an isle seat. I like to be up and down as much as possible and don't like disturbing others.
  11. Old Kiwi

    Footwear on the plane

    Yes Bookgirl, I do put my shoes on for the toilet (that is what it says on the door, maybe your planes have rooms with baths). I do not clutter up the galley. The big planes that Emerates use (I think they are an Airbus something and carry about 500 passengers) have enough space right down the...
  12. Old Kiwi

    Footwear on the plane

    I travel by Emerates and they fly from New Zealand to Dubai, which usually takes 18 to 19 hours. Then after a two hour stopover it is just a quick hop of 7 to 8 hours to a European destination. No sweat, Kiwis are used to it, get over it is the attitude. I do not take any shoes other than my...
  13. Old Kiwi

    What to expect...and not

    Jenine, Your letter is almost exactly what I said to my daughter before our Camino in 2019. When I said to her "Expect the Camino to call you back for the rest of your life", She said "Surely it will just be like when we used to go tramping and is just a long walk". About two months after we...
  14. Old Kiwi

    2-factor ID, banking and tech.

    What a pa-larva over phones. |I don't carry a phone or any of the paraphernalia that goes with it. Don't need it. I carry an international money card loaded with the currencies that I will be using which enables me to get money from ATMs everywhere. Simple, job done.
  15. Old Kiwi


    One thing that this thread does, is point out the fact that everyone is different so such a great degree. I am an absolute minimalist but some people just cannot do without almost everything but the kitchen sink. I always laugh at those who cut off half of their toothbrush handle to save weight...
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