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  1. Sanman

    LIVE from the Camino BombayBill from SJPP

    Hey BB -plan on doing Le Puys soon...what app did you use to upload your vax status?
  2. Sanman

    COVID Camino in October, or postpone? Help us decide

    We delayed twice and we are now planning on going April 2022. We too want to visit some cities after our walk and i am hoping things will be better not worse a year from now. I am also hopeful there will be more people vaccinated, less of the Delta Variant and a better experience...but that is...
  3. Sanman

    Le Puy in September 2021

    Hard to answer...we have delayed our plans twice and we are now scheduled (in our heads) to start walking April 2022 Geneva to Le Puys , Le Puys to SJPP. Just a lot to navigate from Canada so we're hoping things are a little more settled next year and the Delta Variant is under control. The...
  4. Sanman

    Trekking poles in my carry on luggage

    Here's my YouTube video on poles you may find helpful as a first timer And answers to questions like - can you can you "carry on" hiking poles and pocket knives? - getting food, water on the trail, accessing money on the Camino, using an App etc. Hope it helps!
  5. Sanman

    First time camino walker requesting information

    Hi FPerez, I produce a series of YouTube videos specifically for seniors and first time walkers - like you. I cover everything from training, to rain gear, things to pack, and i have started a series of videos where i read a day by day account from my diary. I think you would find the...
  6. Sanman

    YouTube Videos for Seniors walking the Camino

    Small Glitch at 49 sec which i am correcting - sorry all
  7. Sanman

    YouTube Videos for Seniors walking the Camino

    Hi Seniors (and first time walkers)! See my link below in bold I have created and posted a series of videos just for you ('cause I'm an old guy too) - I provide practical, useful information on everything you need to have a successful Camino - Training and Preparation, Boots vs. Shoes, Rain...
  8. Sanman

    Hi Ivar - crazy question but how do i post something? I think i'm reasonably web savvy but i...

    Hi Ivar - crazy question but how do i post something? I think i'm reasonably web savvy but i can't find it anywhere. Thx! Sandy
  9. Sanman

    The countdown

    I have been doing a number of short YouTube Videos specifically for Seniors and First Time Walkers of the Camino Practical information to make it anyone's walk successful Here's the latest but I have dome 7-8 with more to come Enjoy!
  10. Sanman

    Geneva to Le Puy

    Thx very much Davey -can't wait to read it! Really appreciate you sending the link Buen Camino
  11. Sanman

    Geneva to Le Puy

    Thx very much Suzzane. Fortunately i have passable French, will finally come in handy 35 years after talking it in school Thx for all the insights I will check them out Buen Camino !
  12. Sanman

    Geneva to Le Puy

    Thank you so much, i will review in detail and study up on my French. Really appreciate you taking the time to help. Kind regards, Sandy
  13. Sanman

    Geneva to Le Puy

    Well our T-8 weeks and counting in 2020 became T-2 years...but we are re-scheduling our walk for April 2022. Planning to walk from Geneva now (used to be Cluny) to Le Puy and then Le Puy to SJPP. Interested to hear from anyone (again!) that has walked this route - scenery, elevation, weather...
  14. Sanman

    Offer one Camino suggestion.....

    Good answer would be keep a diary, record your memories forever 'cause we know memory fades!