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Recent content by spursfan

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    COVID Maths and Covid 19

    The bell curve is not appropriate Instead what we are plotting in a time-series is say exp(k*time) with k being the rate of growth If we take the log of the formula (just k*time), we get a chart that increases linearly with a slope of k (say k=0.2 or 20%) - so log-linear and exponential growth...
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    Cancelled Flights

    It's more likely that the flights are being cancelled in date order - hence your return might be cancelled as well in a few weeks time
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    El Brusco - That hill between Berria and Noja

    I stopped at the bottom to let what I thought was a single jogger go by - it turned out that he was leading a group of army cadets running up the hill - so I really had little choice but to race up It's more of a short, sharp sandy path - go steady on the descent and keep an eye out for bushes
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    If you had one week...

    You don't have to take the alpine route - the flatter path is still enjoyable
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    COVID Maths and Covid 19

    Given the high rate of growth, it's much better to plot the number of cases with a log scale - this also allows you to compare the resulting slopes for different countries
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    If you had one week...

    Pretty easy - start from Irun and walk as far as you can
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    Santiago pilgrim office now CLOSED - Compostela to be sent out by post

    Though they might need a bigger box when Holy Year comes round!
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    StJPdP to Finisterre in 30 Days - Sample Itinerary?

    It's foolhardy to post such an open-ended question (without mentioning what time of year, how fit you are, what type of accommodation you will stay in and so on) and then request no books - well for a start you should get a guidebook such as Brierley and look at how much ascent and descent there...
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    Nordic walking vs. Trekking Poles

    I continue to be amazed how few people I see in daily life walking with poles and yet people seem to find them essential on the camino
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    One Albergue that you’d recommend

    Look under the resources heading at the very top of this page
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    Advice on getting to St Jean PdP from Barcelona?

    You might like to edit this! PS for a serious walker, 40km per day for 20 days is no problem (though I did have a half-day in Leon)
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    Credential...enough space?

    Best to have one single credential - collect one stamp per day and simply add a second stamp at the same place when you recommence your camino each year - no problem with overflowing
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    Travelling from the UK without flying

    Dream on - 43 hours on the bus! https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Lisbon/Glasgow
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    Elevation Gain on Camino Frances

    I used the Camino del Norte book by Dave Whitson and Laura Perazzoli Length 820 km, unpaved 265 km, total ascent 17,500 m and total descent 17,100 m
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    Elevation Gain on Camino Frances

    Exactly the sort of information worth buying a good guidebook for!