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    COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    Thank you Ivar for the information. I can wait. I will pray for all.
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    2020 Camino a "To be" or "Not to be"? - and "Why?"

    Thank you for the conversations regarding the Virus and current information of Camino that have helped me to think about my Camino plan. I planned and booked my 4th Camino to Northern Camino. I will be arriving in Madrid from Los Angeles, CA on April 16th, and start to walk from Irun on April...
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    Web site for planning?

    I walked Le Puy to Santiago in 2018 Spring. I used Gronze.com and Miam Miam Dodo. Miam Miam Dodo was very helpful. When I looked for the lodging, I looked for the Gite (they called albergue in France) Miam Miam Dodo indicated the Gite with British flag that mean someone able to speak English...
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    Cellular carrier

    Thank you It56ny for your kind response. My problem is: I need to go to San Sebastian via plane upon my arrival at Madrid airport; then, I will walk to Irun. Do you know is there any cell phone store in Irun?
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    For winter pilgrims: opening dates of municipal albergues on the Norte

    Thank you Jan. It is very helpful information. I plan to walk the Norte & Primitivo in middle of April this year. Thanks again for your work. :)
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    Cellular carrier

    I used Vodafone and Orange. I liked both services. Use sim card is much easier to use in Spain and resonable price rather than use my Verizon. Does any one know that I can buy sim card at Madrid Airport? I plan to walk the Norte in middle of April 2020.
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    Camino del Norte

    Thank you Andre Walker. It looks great. I plan to walk the Norte in April, 2020. I may arrive there April 16th. When I will arrive San Sebastian Airport, I will walk to Irun. Does anyone know, "Can I buy sim card at Madrid Airport?" When I went to Lisbon airport, there has Vodafone phone...
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    Urgent: skipping Gijón via Oviedo

    Hello. I am Teresa from California, USA. I plan to go Camino Norte next spring (maybe end of April). I will start to walk from Irun to Santiago; it will be my 4th Camino. I plan to go to Irun from LAX to Madrid, and will take bus or train to Irun. Is anyone can give me some advise which way...
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    Misc Questions Le Puy Route

    Thank you for all the information. I also plan to walk Le Puy way in middle of April. It’s my 3rd Camino. I did Camino CF in 2012, and Portuguese way in 2016, and will do Le Puy this time. When I arrive at SJPP, I try to go to Bilbao to walk Norte and Primitivo. I will arrive Le Puy on...
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    Best Time to walk -- VERY Advance Planning!

    Can I buy sim card for my cell phone at airport in Paris? What is good cell phone company in France?
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    Best Time to walk -- VERY Advance Planning!

    I plan to walk Le Puy Route middle of April this year. Is anyone can tel me about the weather in April & May? Thank you,
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    Le Puy guide for new pilgrims

    Thank you Caminka. It helps to set my budget. I will also check Chloe Rose's site. Peace, TY :)
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    Le Puy guide for new pilgrims

    Good! I also plan to leave LA in early April, 2018. We may have chance to meet. :) Thank you for your reply.
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    Le Puy guide for new pilgrims

    Thanks for your information. I am a female in my 60s from California, USA. I plan to walk Camino from Le-Puy in April next year. It will be my 3rd Camino. I walked CF in 2012, and Portugues way in 2016. Is anyone plans to walk from Le Puy middle of April, 2018?

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