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  1. Thomas1962

    Buying an albergue

    Sure, welcome!
  2. Thomas1962

    Buying an albergue

    As I am having an albergue on the camino Primitivo near Lugo, I really feel offended by your suggestion that other albergues rip off pilgrims. In no way I can see albergues ripping off. There is no way that many albergueowners make a lot of profit. It is the contrary: working from 6 till 22...
  3. Thomas1962

    Without Camino pilgrims, rural villages in north-west Spain 'wouldn't have a reason to exist'

    What an absolute obnoxious title. It is not to any outsider, nor to any single inhabitant to judge wether a village has a reason to exist. One could say: "without tourism Venice has no reason to exist", or "without Europe the USA has no reason to exist, or vv..." It is really to the people...
  4. Thomas1962

    Necessary to book albergues ahead of time?

    You seem to aim on being in Santiago on Sint James day. It will be the most busy week of the year and I suppost that will be the most busy week ever. I would reserve for sure, or take another week for your camino.
  5. Thomas1962

    Primitivo mid October

    Your birthday will be just in time. :-) Although you can walk the primitivo all year (municipals and xunta albergues are open all year) most albergues stay open untill first of november.
  6. Thomas1962

    🌱 Vegetarians, Vegans and friends of plant based food

    Our albergue albergue Ponte Ferreira is an all vegetarian albergue with also vegan food in the camino Primitivo, 27 kms after Lugo: On the Primitivo at least also albergues El Tulipan in Salas, Bodenaya and Fontenonaya are vegetarian. Have a look too in the Spanish part...
  7. Thomas1962

    Can I use a liner only?

    A sleeping bag makes you more independent of temperatures, kind of albergues and hospitalero´s.
  8. Thomas1962

    Planned Acommodations Full?

    Nearly every hospitalero will try to help you if there is no place, bit st some moments also a hospitalero cannot help you any furthe, except for giving you a tel nr of a taxi.
  9. Thomas1962

    All Trails App

    You probably are looking for this resource. On top of the downloadpage of the Dutch Confraternity you will find a manual how to out it on your phone with e.g. :
  10. Thomas1962

    Camino Primitivo accomodations. In KML and GPX format, and as PDF

    Thomas1962 updated Camino Primitivo accomodations. In KML and GPX format, and as PDF with a new update entry: Latest update 29-10-2021 Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Thomas1962

    COVID Albergues requiring the Vaccination Card?

    At the moment the situation in Galicia is: any dormitory can be used for 50% only, unless everyone has a test of full vaccination. Especially in the months that albergues will be filled with more then 50%, I suppose albergues will ask a proof of vaccination from anyone. In our albergue, we will...
  12. Thomas1962

    Route Question connecting Primitivo with Invierno

    There is a new camino going from O Cebreiro to Lugo called Via Kunig. With a track you can also walk it backwards. Another possibility to avoid the Melide-SdC stretch is to go from the Primitivo indeed to the Norte. You don't need to end up in Arzua, but there are now also alternatives which...
  13. Thomas1962

    Primitivo in May 2022, Housing?

    Yes you can for sure. On some rare years there might be snow on the hospitales route, but we had already some rare years behind us. ;-) The weather can be anything between bad and beautiful. Just know that in 2022, the week from the 10th of april on it will be semana santa. Many people in Spain...
  14. Thomas1962

    Primitivo in May 2022, Housing?

    It is dificult to say what the coming year will bring us exactly. It also depends on the maximum percentage of beds albergues can use. Last year beginning of august, there max capacity was only 30%, which made a huge shortage of beds. As a hospitalero on the Primitivo I expect that it is...
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