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Recent content by Tim Greig

  1. Tim Greig

    Camino Skies (new film)

    * I saw it on Curzon. It captured non of the magic of the Camino. Apart from distance markers there was nothing about location, cultural history or religion. Nothing about anything except suffering, buses and taxis. For a really good Camino film watch "Walking the Camino - 6 Ways to Santiago"...
  2. Tim Greig

    Which accessories for Sony RX100 V?

    I have a Sony DSC WX350, costs £150, has a 20x optical zoom and take "great" pictures. The battery lasts twice as long as the M6 so I can survive days without a charge and it is half the weight. It slips in my pocket without a case and has survived the rough and tumble Via Podiensis and the...
  3. Tim Greig

    It's getting really hot - Seville-Salamanca from May 29th 2019 onwards

    Take one of Ivar's solar umbrellas. I lived under it last summer in Italy. I've not walked the VDLP but I wouldn't attempt it in the summer.
  4. Tim Greig

    Monastery of San Xulián de Samos

    I went to Samos rather than the direct route. Personally I didn't think the monastery was worthwhile. There was no English tour; the 1950s artwork, in my opinion, was poor. I didn't spend the night which might have been good. I wonder how many people visit Samos, my guess is not so many. If...
  5. Tim Greig

    Lucca to Rome June 2019 - Dogs, Mosquitos, Other Walkers?

    I never had a loose dog confrontation on the VF. All the dogs were locked behind fences/in gardens and bark at you. Of course it's always worth keeping clear of any sheep! Lots of biting/stinging flies in Tuscany last August plus clouds of non biting knats so bring repellent and After Bite and...
  6. Tim Greig

    Early stage Via Francigena planning query and the town of Robbio

    I agree with you and I use Booking too. It's good to know you have accommodation secured after a long day's walk and there are many advantages that you mention. Booking and others are now under investigation for their hard sell methods and hopefully they will improve. On the VF we gradually...
  7. Tim Greig

    Rest days on the full VF

    Hello Kazrobbo The reason for staying in Mametz was to visit two pilgrims whom we met in 2017 on the Via Podiensis. It was great that they live on the Via Francigena. I saw an excellent pilgrim gite in nearby Therouanne called Eden which was brand new and perfect for pilgrims. Great comments in...
  8. Tim Greig

    Rest days on the full VF

    I walked from Weybridge to Rome in 84 walking days. We had 8 days to reach Canterbury along the North Downs Way and we took a rest day in Canterbury, Mametz, Arras, Reims, Switzerland (4), Aosta, Pavia, Lucca and Siena. Total 96 days and I spent a week in Rome. I love a cultural rest day which...
  9. Tim Greig

    Early stage Via Francigena planning query and the town of Robbio

    I walked the VF last summer and didn't plan anything. Accommodation was mostly plentiful (subject to local festivals and feast days) and I generally found it better not to use which is not comprehensive and is often very poor value. There's often accommodation to be found in local...
  10. Tim Greig

    The Way of the 88 Temples - Journeys on the Shikoku Pilgrimage

    It's easy and cheap to order this guidebook on and I also recommend the book by Tateki Miyazaki "Visiting the Sacred Sites of Kukai, A guidebook to the Shikoku Pilgrimage Route" which is magnificent.
  11. Tim Greig

    The Way of the 88 Temples - Journeys on the Shikoku Pilgrimage

    Thank you so much for this thread. I hope to walk Shikoku this autumn and have Sibley's book which I've not read yet. There is so much good information in the various posts. I found this web site which is also helpful. I walked the Via Francigena last summer, if...
  12. Tim Greig

    NEW & Improved Camino Blogging Survival Guide

    Many thanks for your excellent guide. It's all good advice. I prefer to pay which means I use my own domain name and gives me access to their experts. They can setup your website while you watch, according to your instructions! When I finish a pilgrimage, I copy my blogs into a...
  13. Tim Greig

    Is anyone here knowledgeable about WordPress blogs? is different to handles all the technical stuff like domains and hosting. Depending on your subscription level, you can get realtime help from their experts who will even set up your website while you watch! And then uploading posts from your phone is...
  14. Tim Greig

    Segments for Le Puy

    This is a beautiful pilgrimage. The gites are great but I stayed in some wonderful chambres d'hote without any hassle about booking. Cash on arrival is fine.
  15. Tim Greig

    Hiking umbrella

    Last summer, what a scorcher! 2200km Via Francigena, no shade, no rain. I walked underneath Ivar's solar umbrella. Lifesaver! Even the flies came under for a bit of relief from the sun.