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Recent content by tomnorth

  1. tomnorth

    Torn Meniscus Experience

    Well, the good news is that two years later I still haven’t needed surgery. In fact, I haven’t needed a cortisone shot for over a year, if not more. I’m still walking a lot. I wear a knee brace, which helps a lot. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad your surgery worked out well.
  2. tomnorth

    On this date in November...

    November 1, 2015: All Saints Day at the Pilgrim's Mass in Santiago.
  3. tomnorth

    On this date in October...

    Oct 29, 2015: Walking into the square in Santiago.
  4. tomnorth

    On this date in October...

    October 27, 2015: Walking from San Xulian to Ribadiso.
  5. tomnorth

    Post your favorite flower photo(s) taken on Camino(part 2)

    Shortly after Cruz de Ferro, on October 19, 2015. It was super wet, so my camera was taking on condensation, hence the dreamy out of focus parts of the image.
  6. tomnorth

    One Day at a time, One Photo at a Time (Part 3)

    October 21, 2015, on the outskirts of Cacabelo. This man was handing out free apples.
  7. tomnorth

    Thinking of walking Camino Frances in summer 2021... in need of advice

    I haven’t read any of the responses, but I’m guessing many will echo what I’ve got to say. Do it now! I think life transitions are a great time to walk the Camino.
  8. tomnorth

    On this date in October...

    October 2, 2015 in Grañón on the Camino Frances.
  9. tomnorth

    Recommendation on what to do with slides

    There are services that will scan for you. I’ve used www.scandigital.com. They did a nice job. Another is www.scancafe.com. There may be businesses providing scanning services in your area.
  10. tomnorth

    Yet another health threat to worry about

    No, Minnesota's reputation for mosquitoes is well deserved, so no calumny seen here. ;)
  11. tomnorth

    Yet another health threat to worry about

    I live in Minnesota, where the mosquito is facetiously called our state bird. If you want to get outdoors in our beautiful summers you have to learn to live with them.
  12. tomnorth

    Dodgy knee

    A compression sleeve was recommended to me by my orthopedist. My tear is on the outside. This sleeve helps me a lot.
  13. tomnorth

    Dodgy knee

    This is the brace I use on my left knee. I have a torn meniscus on that knee. This brace helps quite a bit. I can't tell you whether it's better than what you have.