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  1. tomnorth

    Remote working from the Camino Frances

    I suggest you bag this idea and save your Camino for when you can truly get away. I don’t see how you’re going to walk 12 miles a day after having been up from 3 to 9. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  2. tomnorth

    COVID Problem with applying for French Covid Certificate

    You have to select Etats Unis.
  3. tomnorth

    Which Camino for my 80th year?

    It's interesting, it wasn't that I wanted to be able to say that I walked the entire way, it's just that I simply wanted and needed to walk the entire way. I truly loved the walking. It was addicting.
  4. tomnorth

    Is It: Food Poisoning, Stomach Flu…Or, Just a change in diet?

    When I walked in 2015 a number of people came down with a gastrointestinal illness. They had problems at both ends, if you get my drift. My guess then and now is that it was Norovirus (see Wiki article linked below). In the linked article they mention that one of the risks is living in close...
  5. tomnorth

    Backpack indecision help!

    Exactly what I was thinking. 33l of stuff in a 68l pack…seems as if it’ll be sloshing around like mad.
  6. tomnorth

    How to take trekking poles to Spain despite airline regulations...

    Shipping tube is the way to go. All my sharps went in there along with my poles.
  7. tomnorth

    EU opening up for Vaccinated travellers from outside the EU

    Hah! Mere minutes, that's all you beat me by. I'm doing well. Getting back to my walking. Hope you are all well.
  8. tomnorth

    EU opening up for Vaccinated travellers from outside the EU

    EU Opens to Fully Vaccinated Travelers
  9. tomnorth

    Bored walking

    I too was worried that I’d get bored with the walking. I shouldn’t have worried. The walking became like meditation.
  10. tomnorth

    Offer one Camino suggestion.....

    Stay in the albergues! You meet the most interesting people there.
  11. tomnorth

    Jim: Believe it or not, I just now saw your post. I don't often look at my profile. I'm glad you...

    Jim: Believe it or not, I just now saw your post. I don't often look at my profile. I'm glad you were able to get back to finish your Camino. I can't imagine having to leave in an ambulance. I'm sure that was a surreal and sad experience. Take care, Tom
  12. tomnorth

    St. Jean to Burgos

    When I walked the CF in the fall of 2015 I did the SJPDP to Burgos section in 11 days. I was not speed walking. I walked my pace. I first met the pilgrims who were to become lifelong friends on this stretch of my Camino. I wish you a buen Camino!
  13. tomnorth

    What was the thing you were most happy to lose on the Camino?

    My fears. I was afraid of being lonely. I was afraid of staying in hostels. I was afraid I would get bored with the walking. All those fears I left behind me on my Camino.
  14. tomnorth

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    I tested the Black Diamond tips against Leki and REI tips. The BD tips lasted 6 months on pavement when the Leki lasted half that and the REI lasted 1 month. I put my money on the Black Diamond tips.
  15. tomnorth

    Really Dumb Albergue Question. Sorry.

    I did the latter. Most I saw were doing the same. Some people would also wash their dirty clothes in the shower, although I hear the albergues frown on that.