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    Light At The End of The Tunnel? :-)

    Wishing you the best Dave. I too appreciate all the great information you have provided us on this site. Stay positive as you get this hormone balance worked out. At least you now know what the problem is. It will just take a little time to figure out the optimal input of the meds...it's all...
  2. twh

    American using Debit card for ATM?

    My Debit card got hacked in Spain this June 2018. I only had one Debit card and was traveling "alone", did not leave home in the U.S. bringing friends and/or family. I got a Schwab debit card just for international travel. I never use Debit cards (just credit cards) back home for 99.5% of all...
  3. twh

    Sticks or no sticks?

    Before my trip I thought hiking poles were a silly idea, gear marketing hype, more weight, more stuff to manage and lose and get in the way and trip over, and how could they possible be of any assistance to a fairly fit 61 year old guy? I was planning to bring a single hiking pole (I bought...
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    Broke Pilgrim Leaving in a Month

    Yes, I understand the anxiety over uncertainty and new things. I'm guessing your Camino in 2016 was full of anxiety and new things before you left. Probably the majority of things you worried about the most worked out fine in the end and only a few situations turned out less than wonderful...
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    Broke Pilgrim Leaving in a Month

    Santiago to Paris how?? I know I'm just going to take the 30 dollar flight from Lisbon to Porto but I'm lost after that! Vueling airlines flys most nights at 7pm direct to Paris arriving at 9pm for a reasonable price ($60 - $80 US$) depending on the day of the week, but the price seems to spike...
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    Obanos Albergue

    I stayed overnight between Brierley stages 15 of 35 nights on the Camino Frances between May 13, 2018 and June 17, 2018. Every place I stayed appeared to be at 90% capacity or above and sometimes the first place I tried was full (completo). I like staying in the smaller towns. Don't assume...
  7. twh

    Zip lock bags vs dry bags vs stuff sacks

    Becky, Some pre-made zippered pockets at the bottom of this comment. I had a friend sew one of these into each pair of pants I brought. I also used all 3 items originally talked about in this thread: zip locks (to keep smaller things dry), compression bags (2 - one for clean clothes, one for...
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    Leon footbridge closed today.

    The detour requires a walk up a hill on pavement. There are many beautiful, new apartments that have been built but not finished. The projects are abandoned, must have run out of money due to the economy...very sad. The downhill side is a beautiful walk through nature into Leon. A much...
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    Broke Pilgrim Leaving in a Month

    Saving Money: 580 euros / 14 days = 41.50 Euros per day assuming you have all other transportation costs covered. Stay at a Muncipal Albergue, 5 Euros/night in 2018 on Camino Frances. Now you have 36.50 Euros per day for food. That’s enough for a big Bacon and 2 eggs plus coffee breakfast for 8...
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    Advice on a respectable Donativo

    It’s my opinion…the Donativo model of accommodation should not be looked at by a pilgrim as bargain pricing to take advantage of or an opportunity for saving money here to put toward other non-essentials later (more chocolate bars, $100 bottle of wine, beer, souvenirs, etc…) If you get pleasure...
  11. twh

    Need any advice for an inexperienced student group hoping to hike 4 days on their first camino

    If your group traveled north to the Camino Frances, there are more choices and services on this route. Pamplona to Longrono might be a good 5 day section with lot's of transportation options from/to each city. If you stay at Municipal Albergues they are the cheapest for your budget (5 Euros)...
  12. twh

    Best hiking boots for CF October 2018

    Buy the hiking socks you will wear. Buy the Liner socks you will wear. Bring them both to the store, try on each boot approximately a full size larger than your normal shoe size, lace them up snug, walk around the store 5 or 10 minutes in each pair, buy the boots that stand out as most...
  13. twh

    Are mosquitos & other insects an issue?

    I walked the Camino Frances May 13 to June 20 this year, 2018. I saw one mosquito and did not notice any flies. I'm sure they were out and about but they were not pesky or bothersome or trying to land on me or my food thus I did not notice any.
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    Too old?

    Hi Konnie, based on your experience of 3+ Camino walks already and knowing better than anyone else what your current health and abilities are (and if they have changed significantly in the last 5 years since your last Camino) you are truly the expert when it comes to answering your own question...
  15. twh

    Shared shuttle on the 5th of July?

    I did not want to arrive in a new/foreign place with zero French language ability and then start trying to figure out the best/cheapest way to San Jean PdP (in the middle of Public Transport Strike season) so I pre-arranged a ride with the private shuttle service below. They have 8-passenger...