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  1. twh

    Wallet stolen in León

    Amazing Grace thank you Baia for bringing the amazing story of Jill and you and your special group of perigrinas full circle. The camino provides. Jill needed all of you so much and all of you needed her so much and you all found each other in this special place at this specific time. I...
  2. twh

    Looking for tile souvenir

    please send us a picture of the "improved" tile...it's definitely more valuable now with an extra story attached to it. In the only way he/she knew, I think your toddler year was breaking from tradition and committing to a future Camino. And such a nice gesture from Syates..yeah!
  3. twh

    Opinions back home

    Sometimes when you lead people with preconceived ideas to information sources they will search for the data that supports their current thinking. Even here on this wonderful site, if you search for murders, deaths, injuries, rapes, sexual deviant behavior you will find hours of reading to...
  4. twh

    2018 Low light Photo's from your Camino

    I love this picture. It's not mine, wish it was. I saw this on another Camino website and was inspired by it. It was taken by Rhonda Elford this year and she gave permission to use it.
  5. twh

    Journaling on the Camino

    Like many I have talked to, I started with a compact 64 page, 6"x4"x.25" journal, used it for about 3 days and never wrote in it again mainly because I was too busy living life to actually stop and record it. Meeting and talking and observing other people always took priority over writing down...
  6. twh

    Don’t Feed The Dogs

    When departing Cruz de Ferro, a young dog appeared. He was a nose down busy dog, non stop trotting around, 100 meters up and back, 100 metes side to side like he was following a scent. In retrospect I think he was looking for a scent, trying to find something familiar. His tongue was out, he...
  7. twh

    Wallet stolen in León

    I’m so sorry to hear about your story. Even if you tried, you couldn’t choose a better place to be a foreigner stuck in an unfamiliar country with an unfamiliar language with no money. You are surrounded by people that want to help you and will help you...just let them. I’m guessing you are...
  8. twh

    Severe joint and muscle pain post Camino Frances

    tigermike: I don't have any CRP data from my case...it was long ago. I just did some googling on it and the CRP charts I reviewed comparing Healthy patient CRP levels to CRP levels of Lyme patients in different stages of the disease proves only one thing. The CRP test is inconclusive, it is...
  9. twh

    Severe joint and muscle pain post Camino Frances

    Wishing you all the best Tigermike regarding a proper diagnosis and treatment. From personal experience please don't completely rule out Lyme's Disease as others have offered. I was misdiagnosed in 1997 by "one of the best" rheumatologist in a large city in the USA first with Pseudo Gout and...
  10. twh

    Rabies vaccination and dogs, cats, other animals

    I think the risk is so low I'd just deal with it medically post-bite instead of prophylactically.
  11. twh

    Drinking water on the Camino

    cup of tea - yes the Albergues have kitchens with cups, pots/pans, cutlery, glasses etc... The kitchen areas vary in completeness but at a minimum they have a pot, a faucet for water and a stove/hob to boil your water. Maybe bring a camping collapsible cup to keep with you along with your...
  12. twh

    A complete online guidebook to the Camino by bike from Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port to Santiago de Compostela. Walkers will find it useful as well!

    Nice website. Just to get things started I dropped in a little opinion comment on your piece about bikes on the Camino
  13. twh

    Blisters on soles of feet

    This won't help you but maybe it will help others. Did you get blisters in these areas when training? If no, Whats different now from your training walks? (shoes, socks, distances, weight carried or ??)
  14. twh

    My solo path to Thanksgiving (1st Camino-Sept/Nov)

    Have a wonderful trip full of adventure and surprises
  15. twh

    Camino Podcast ‘Shadows, Shells and Spain’ with John Meyer.

    Yes, to some degree. However the main character (Jamie) was in a much different state of mind than I was so his perceptions of the little towns and stores and customs and people and experiences tended to be monochromatic where my experience was that of vibrant full living color. I'm sure the...

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