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  1. twh

    Are most questions on here facetious??

    Yes falcon269, you are correct but in the 7 months that I have been frequenting this forum I have never seen what I consider an example of "Trolling" until this thread title. So either it doesn't happen very often and I've just missed those examples or the moderators are VERY good at removing...
  2. twh

    Are most questions on here facetious??

    No slaps for me so far but in my desire to keep this uniquely GOOD forum at it's best, I may be getting a slap soon. What do I love most about this Forum? It is: Civil Authentic Supportive Factual (with the normal amount of subjectivity) Educational Entertaining with great stories about...
  3. twh

    Are most questions on here facetious??

    Thank you SYates for the most useful piece of information in this thread. I shall use it with enthusiasm before my next breath. To "ignore" postings of a member, just hover your cursor over their picture/avatar and select/click the ignore option that appears above the picture/avatar.
  4. twh

    Severe joint and muscle pain post Camino Frances

    Glad to hear you finally know what you are fighting...or what is fighting you. Wishing you the best and enjoy act three of Camino 2018
  5. twh

    Wallet stolen in León

    Congratulations on continuing and finishing your trip!
  6. twh

    2019 REI Camino at a discount

    I concur with Mark S above and here is some good advice from John Brierley when arriving in Sarria that applies to this conversation. “A reminder for “seasoned” pilgrims who commenced in Saint Jean Pied de Port or further back in Le Puy, Geneva, Budapest? Beware of signs of irritation at the...
  7. twh

    Thinking of davebugg...

    Davebugg, I was wondering where you were on your Camino. I just saw the reference to your last post and read through the whole thing...uhggg. I'm sorry to hear about that painful experience and it's aftermath. I'm glad you recognize the intensity of your reaction is something...
  8. twh

    Has anyone ever walked principally at night?

    (I started writing my post below after reading post #15 above. I composed off line, ate lunch then finished my thoughts and just came back to paste it here. In that time much of what I suggested has been covered but I'm posting anyway due to the time I already put into it.) Yes, do it...
  9. twh

    How to get to Saint Jean Pied de Port

    and just one more potential complexity: if taking Air France planes, public busses or trains in France, don't forget to check the Strike date schedule for May. Last May was my first visit to France on my way to SJPdP. I was unaware of this scheduled transportation strike phenomenon but got...
  10. twh

    DANGER ! Alternative route into Leon.

    I too was curious about this. The multi level buildings (apartments) were new construction, very nice looking with exterior walls and roofs completed before construction stopped. Many of the door and window openings were boarded up and others were bricked in. I assumed these projects were...
  11. twh

    I didn't walk the whole Camino Ingles....

    The slower you walk the more detail and richness you experience in each new scene you come upon. The degree of intimacy one experiences with people, objects and the environment is inversely related to the speed one travels through them. You saw more in terms of depth and less in terms of...
  12. twh

    Ready to look at new footwear for Camino

    Act Fast if interested. The Altra Lone Peaks are on sale at REI with VERY limited quantities and sizes. The women's shoe had size 7 available yesterday but those are now gone leaving only size 6 and 6.5. You might want to "risk" ordering a pair to be sent to your friends you are visiting in...
  13. twh

    DANGER ! Alternative route into Leon.

    I was previously oblivious regarding the reasons for the camino path detour. Per Kathar1na's last post with aerial photos of the construction plans, I agree with her 100% that trying to walk the N-601 to avoid the camino path detour is not possible. So just take a bus into Leon or bring some...
  14. twh

    DANGER ! Alternative route into Leon.

    I had been warned about the terribly boring and tedious walk into Leon by others who had done the Camino in previous years. My walking pals and I tried to get a bus that morning after breakfast for Leon but because it was Sunday, I think there were only two offerings and both late in the day so...
  15. twh

    DANGER ! Alternative route into Leon.

    I don't know if this road is part of the official or preferred cycling route into Leon. I do know on this 1.25 km stretch (to detour around the dirt path) there are no roundabouts. As we all know, traffic conditions (volume and speed) change during the day due to all sorts of variables. As I...

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