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Chemin Arles

Chemin Arles

  • mikevasey
The path itself was a beaut it was on grass.
Pic is very encouraging- the Arles route looks very pretty. Was the weather okay in June ? You mention the route is on grass. I was wondering which section you were speaking about as I’d like to walk the Arles
A very inviting scene. Quick! Let's get our boots & trekking poles.
@OzAnnie Hi Annie I was formerly this poster, long story. I started the route on 22/23 may. I started after montpellier, I had heard that the route between Arles was mainly asphalt and busy roads, I however now know of the Rhone walk on the 1st day out of Arles and have seen details of an alternative route following canals to the Med. and from there you would have a 5 or 6 mile river walk to the center of Montpellier. Basically after St Guillem you are on off road heaven to nearly Castre (@70%). I had forgot about these photos but was just making an infreqent visit to the forum and saw them in the top corner. I have no experience of the Le Puy route, so I cant compare but the above section, St Guillem+ felt very special. The route after toulouse was a lot more asphalt but very nice and more busier, I went on the link route to Lourdes and apart from the last few km is on forest trails, it really suprised me in a pleasant way + there is accommodation in a monastery, a towns welcome centre and the beuatiful pilgrim Gite in Lourdes.


+ the weather in May wasnt that warm, it should have been but was cold and damp most evenings, My kit wasnt up to the weather variations and I suffered from being damp and cold whilst walking for several days, apparently its normally hot but that year was the exception.
Thanks for the info, considering the Arles route for Sept. 2018. Do you have a suggestion for a guide book?
@DLJ I went on overkill on books, I did not speak French and felt I needed as many upto date guides as I could get. If I do it again it would be just this time the Miam Miam book for accommodation and the French Randonee Book which gives detailed maps for the Chemin.
@Isca-camigo I don't speak French either, in fact the French are always surprised that my wife (doesn't speak French either) have walked some 800 miles across France. The miam-miam, a very silly name for a very informative guide. Thanks for the response.

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