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I got the single bed - Redecilla del Camino

I got the single bed - Redecilla del Camino

Hospital de San Lazaro was a comfortable community albergue right in the centre of downtown Redecilla del Camino. With a good Cafe/Bar/Restaurant just a couple of doors away. Small luxuries are appreciated - like your own bed.
Redecilla del Camino has special meaning for me. I stayed in this very room on my 9th day on the Camino; May 31, 2012. My bed was on the left, behind the camera close to the doorway. A 2"x2" square blister on my right foot knocked me off the Camino and I had to let my Camino family move on without me. Strangely, and in this tiny village of all places, a holistic foot nurse (office across the street) sterilized my blister and dressed it. This woman, whose name I never knew, is credited with my successful journey into Santiago 21 days later. I call what happened a miracle. P.S. My Camino family did come back for me and we entered Santiago de Compostela together.
Does anyone have a solution to the sensation on your bare feet when climbing on those narrow metal rungs on the bunk ladder?
@paul.ferris Get a lower bunk:). That being said, wear your shower Sandles or after alternate camino shoes. Be careful, sandles, especially rubber sandles, can slip or break real easy . Buen Camino

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