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Invierno - River Sil en Route to Solden

Invierno - River Sil en Route to Solden

I'd never really heard of the Invierno route Robo - sounds beautiful. It says it starts from Ponferrada and is an alternative to the normal route? Would you recommend?
Just watched first video Robo, looks amazing! And your website is awesome, will take some time to have a look through it in more detail when time permits.

I see in the video you stay in Albergues. I'm planning on staying in Albergues, but I must admit I'm a bit worried for a few reasons:

- I'm a light sleeper, and you hear all of these stories about people snoring which I really struggle with. I have bought some earplugs but must say I'm not overly comfortable in them.
- I generally have to get up to go to the toilet during the night, again this is a bit worrisome thinking about it in a room full of sleeping strangers!! I'd worry about waking people up especially if you're on the top bunk ect.
- Lastly which might be a bit a bit pretentious, but I do get wound up by people if they aren't respectful of other people at all, and this could be from poor hygiene to just being noisy etc - do you find that much of a problem or are people generally respectful?

Any tips for staying in the Albergues would be most welcome! I see you went for the corner bunk at the far end of the room in the video!

I'm not on a shoestring budget, but I certainly can't really afford to stay in hotels every day, and I wouldn't really want to as I want to be as much a part of the Camino as it will be of me. I'm quite used to sleeping outside and I often spend nights in the car with the dogs and my godson on some of our road trips, and these tend to be some of my favourite memories - so it's not like I need creature comforts all the time.
I stay in a very broad range of places Dave. In the past I always stayed in modest private rooms (some that were in Albergues) and medium range Hotels, Casa Rurals. This time I intentionally wanted to try a range of Albergues. I had the same concerns as you in relation to communal sleeping arrangements. But it was all fine. A bit of snoring here and there, but everyone was respectful. So I did a mix, ranging from Donativo Albergues, modest private rooms, to a couple of flashy Hotels.

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