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  1. Anniesantiago

    Decrease in numbers walking the Camino Frances through Palencia province

    Personally, I'll be happy when it all slows back down.
  2. Anniesantiago

    Meseta in October?

    For me, in October the Meseta was windy, chilly and stark. I didn't particularly care for it.
  3. Anniesantiago

    Equipment April/May

    Yes to the sleeping bag. I would't personally take a down jacket because of the rain. Layering with Merino Wool works better for me. It's warm when wet and then then even if it's raining, when you get hot you can strip off layers.
  4. Anniesantiago

    Orange Juice- a topic of interest to me re: Portuguese Camino

    I found fresh OJ all along the route, myself.
  5. Anniesantiago

    Two questions

    My biggest problem in an albergue is the perfume and/or perfumed cleaners and laundry products. I don't recall encountering mold, myself.
  6. Anniesantiago

    Organised tour or do-it-yourself?

    I always suggest people do it themselves, if they're not afraid to go alone. If you feel you need support, there are several folks organizing groups. I do, but not in 2019. Syl Nilsen does out of South Africa - you can search on Amawalkers. She has a LOT of experience and good reviews.
  7. Anniesantiago

    Iberia Air - from US to Spain

    I love Iberia Air!
  8. Anniesantiago

    Has your camino experience changed who you are as a person?

    Yes. It turned me into a minimalist. I sold my house, got rid of most of my belongings, bought a van to live out of, and now am a nomad. I extracted myself from a long-unhappy love relationship (remaining friends) I'm happy now.
  9. Anniesantiago

    Clever way to hide cash

    Get a Charles Schwab bank account and use that card on the Camino. ALL of your fees are reimbursed end of month.
  10. Anniesantiago

    Snowing on the screen?

    It's the holidays - I guess we can expect Scrooges and Grinches. If you don't like the snow press ALT-F4 If you're annoyed by a little snow across your screen, the Camino will probably kill you. Loving the snow! Building a snowman! :::Throwing snowballs at the complainers! :::
  11. Anniesantiago

    A Happy Christmas to you all

    Merry Christmas All you Pilgrims!
  12. Anniesantiago

    LIVE from the Camino Waiting for Pilgrims in Grañón

    One of my favorite albergues! It is difficult but rewarding work being a hospitalera/o I hope you have a lovely season and get wonderful, friendly, helpful pilgrims crossing your path!
  13. Anniesantiago

    2019 Brierley Guide Grumble

    Hey there, did you do the Lourdes walk?
  14. Anniesantiago

    Greetings from CaminoDebrita!

    So glad to see you on here again! I notice several 'old timers' have been taking breaks. Congratulations on your writing and I'm so sorry to hear about your husband! Stay in touch, and have a wonderful holiday season! Looking forward to hearing more about your spring Camino!

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