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  1. Anniesantiago

    Via de la Plata, camping and eating

    As has been said, the albergues along the route are QUITE inexpensive. That said, I walked with a lady last time who camped all along the way with her dog. Much of the walking is quite remote. I'd consider a bivy instead of a tent, and no fires.
  2. Anniesantiago

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    Thanks Sophie. I absolutely would consider lumpectomy or mastectomy. At my age don't really care about reconstruction. So yes, I'll hear what the oncologist and surgeon (who by the way has had breast cancer) have to say, walk my Camino, pray, think, then decide. Luckily, this is considered a...
  3. Anniesantiago

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    Yes, I have spoken with several hundred women (literally) in the past few weeks, actually, both who have and who have not done radiation and chemo. My aunt had a mastectomy in her 30s and lived to be 89. This or a lumpectomy MAY be an option. We'll see what the Oncologist says. or.. I may...
  4. Anniesantiago

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    Ok. I have a diagnosis :::drum roll:: Papillary Invasive Carcinoma Wouldn't you know I'd get a rare type of cancer that only affects 1% of breast cancer patients?! Sheesh! He also said Estrogen Receptor Positive and HER2 - 2 score I have no idea what those mean I have just, literally, now...
  5. Anniesantiago

    Pilgrimage or escape?

    Hahahah! This is something I might do...
  6. Anniesantiago

    Advice for a family

    If I were taking teens, I'd start in Pamplona and start with maybe half stages for a couple of days until they get into the walking.
  7. Anniesantiago

    Best Resource to Understand Portugal

    Hahaha! I'm Portuguese, and for me the best way to understand the Portuguese culture is to get on YouTube and look up The Portuguese Kids. Its corny, but my Portuguese friends and I are always cracking up at how they nail our family interactions and culture. lol! There are videos on...
  8. Anniesantiago

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    So I had a bit of a frustrating day. I went to my doctor's appointment yesterday morning and came back not knowing any more than I already know. He did not have a lab report. Someone from the lab had called and given a preliminary report, telling him there was a "high probability" it was...
  9. Anniesantiago

    SURGERY UPDATE Post #8 in this thread to my Updated foot issues

    So sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope you're up and healing soon!
  10. Anniesantiago

    Hospitalera along the Vía de la Plata

    I'm not sure. Depending on what the doctor says today, if I'm still able to walk in March (which I plan on doing no matter what), I MAY have to shelf my plans for the VDLP because I can't carry a pack. In that case, We'll hop up to the CF and walk and I will definitely get in touch and book a...
  11. Anniesantiago

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    Appointment for full results is this morning at 9:30. It’s 2 am now and I’m awake. Not really worried. Just mulling over options. I have decided whatever the outcome, with MCS I’m more likely to take a more natural path. I did learn the biopsy was not normal but will learn more specifics today...
  12. Anniesantiago

    Hospitalera along the Vía de la Plata

    So sorry I'll miss you in March!
  13. Anniesantiago

    Any chances to volunteer at albergues?

    You might send Rebekah Scott a PM. She has an albergue at Moratinos and also works with the volunteers for San Anton - a WONDERFUL experience!
  14. Anniesantiago

    Bon courage, Aussie pilgrims...

    Thank you Lovingkindness, for saying what we all wish to say. Australia is in my thoughts and prayers every day. I have no doubt the country will rebound, as Aussies are some of the most positive and strong pilgrims I've met in my travels. God Bless You all, and am sending you prayers, love...

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