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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.

Recent content by Annros

  1. Annros

    Blog from bike trip Duisburg-Tours

    I just added a page with some advice based on my experiences this summer: http://backpacktant.wordpress.com/library/advice/
  2. Annros

    Blog from bike trip Duisburg-Tours

    This summer I went by bike from Duisburg to Tours, as the third stage of a journey from Sweden to Santiago. This link goes to the entry from the first day of the trip: http://backpacktant.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/bike-in-the-air/ Next year, or later, I plan to go back to Tours, and continue...
  3. Annros

    New Google map of the routes through France

    A kind and observant forum member pointed out that my source for the routes through France is questionable. Some years ago in the gift shop of the Orval monastery in Belgium, I bought what I believed to be a reproduction of a genuinte map from 1648. But apparently it is a clever modern pastiche...
  4. Annros

    New Google map of the routes through France

    I've created a Google map of the pilgrimage routes through France taken from a lovely old map from 1648. I also added all the cultural sites that are protected by Unesco along the Camino in France. http://g.co/maps/x4chv I posted this before but it was deleted, I hope it was because of the...
  5. Annros

    Pilgrims in Stockholm, Sweden and Scandinavia

    This sounds interesting! Did you ever hold a meeting in Stockholm? And will there be any more? I looked for the "Albergue section" but couldn't find it.
  6. Annros

    Pure Silk Thermals / Base Layers

    This might be an interesting fact for you silk wearing ladies and gentlemen: Silk should not be laundered in ordinary modern detergent! The enzymes are no good for silk fabric. Maybe everyone else knew this already - but nobody told me until the age of 40. Instead, an oil based old fashioned...
  7. Annros

    Pure Silk Thermals / Base Layers

    There is a company called Silkbody based in NZ. I have seen their clothes for sale in Stockholm, Sweden, so surely they would have a store in Australia as well. I haven't bought anything from this brand, so I can say nothing of the quality. But I definitely recommend silk for base layers. I...