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André Walker

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    • André Walker
      André Walker reacted to BHP's post in the thread Death of American pilgrim in Castromaior today with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
      This was my husband. So many thanks to all of my fellow pilgrims who stopped to help and to pray and to translate for me. He was doing what he loved. Thank you for the news article link.
    • André Walker
      André Walker reacted to Denise63's post in the thread Newbie with Buen Camino! Buen Camino!.
      Thank You - I was looking at Caminoways - that is how I found “Easy Camino Frances” - I really thought using one of these companies would be better for me, as due to health issues (brain tumor) my communication gets horrible when I am stressed or...
    • André Walker
      This has nothing to do with bottle vs bladder, but with how to have cold water throughout the day. When walking in great heat, I use two water bladders (good quality ones): at the end of the day I put one in the refrigerator and one in the...
    • André Walker
      André Walker replied to the thread Newbie.
      Hi Denise, Welcome to this forum. On the internet you can find plenty of travel organizations offering caminos. Below there are 2 that offer caminos from Sarria to Santiago. Note: I have no experience with either of them (or any other travel...
    • André Walker
      André Walker replied to the thread Ordering beer in Spain.
      I also have difficulties on how to order beer in Spain. To avoid that, I always order red wine.
    • André Walker
      Walked up to O Cebreiro in 2011 and 2014, both times taking the trail. Very doable. It's good to hear it's still raining: thankfully some things never change...
    • André Walker
      André Walker reacted to joecollins's post in the thread It has begun! with Buen Camino! Buen Camino!.
      Connecting through Toronto now. Tomorrow evening I go to sleep in SJPDP!
    • André Walker
      André Walker replied to the thread Which Camino Combo.
      In 2022 I did -more or less- the same as you are considering: - Started on the Del Norte: Laredo - Villaviciosa - Oviedo. - Bus from Oviedo to Léon. - Del Salvador: Léon to Oviedo. - Primitivo: Oviedo to Melide. - Bus to Ponferrada. - Invierno...
    • André Walker
      André Walker reacted to Aggie79's post in the thread Hola! - from Tom & Linda with Buen Camino! Buen Camino!.
      Thank you, everyone, for this forum. Your advice and encouragement has given us the motivation to build up our fitness levels over the next year so we can walk the entire CF in April/May/June 2025. Until then, Buen Camino!
    • André Walker
      André Walker replied to the thread What makes a pilgrim?.
      I understand the different views and opinions (and wishes towards the two girls). I too don't have the answer to this problem. Though sometimes going against the flow is the only way to get to the source.
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